Smuggling Illegal Immigrants in Style


A Malaysian man has been accused of trying to smuggle nine illegal immigrants into New York from Dubai…. via one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world!

The smuggler was caught at the end of April as he was attempting to sneak nine Chinese passengers into the US via Cunard‘s Queen Mary 2. Far from the usual methods of smuggling illegal immigrants (overcrowded boats/lorries), each passenger had a luxurious cabin onboard the ship, living the life of luxury on their journey to the US.

It is not yet entirely clear how the smuggler tried to pull this off, but some reports suggest that the illegal immigrants were carrying fake Japanese Passports, which luckily were spotted by immigration at the port when the Queen Mary 2 arrived.

The smuggler, a Mr Wong, has admitted trying to smuggle the 9 passengers into the US for profit, and if his telling of the story is correct, the illegal immigrants spent a quite fabulous 23 days onboard the ship! Not a bad way of doing it really, is it?!

Wong admitted receiving $3,000 per passenger by an individual in China, as well as $500 by each of the passengers themselves. Sounds like a pretty hot cruise deal to me….


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