Cruise1st Welcomes Guests to Their In-Store Event!

Cruise1st UK in Manchester

On the 28th of September 2019, Cruise1st UK held an exclusive event with our specialist presenter, Adi from Perfect Travels. We invited customers to our store in Manchester to discover the wonders of India, Sri Lanka, Kathmandu and more! 

Our product manager, Jacqui has said, “We wanted to give our current and potential customers a better understanding of what India and the subcontinents have to offer. For our customers who have already booked with us, this was a chance for them to learn more about where they’re travelling to, have their questions answered, what tour excursions they’re taking and get them well prepared for their upcoming adventures!” 

Our guest speaker Adi is Perfect Travel’s Director and creative head. He prides himself on his dedication to promoting the endless possibilities of an authentic, handpicked holiday package. We wanted to take advantage of his expert knowledge and wisdom for all things India, Sri Lanka, Kathmandu, Bhutan, visas and more!

Adi also helped our customers prepare for their holiday by advising them on what to pack and wear during their time abroad. He advised that when entering holy places in particular, such as temples, both men and women are required to cover their knees, shoulders, cleavage and hair, and clothing must be loosely fitted. This is to respect the country’s modest culture. Adi also suggested taking a long scarf or sarong and to wear footwear that can be easily removed – this is because shoes are not allowed to be worn inside the temples.  Men, however, can wear shorts – but most Indian men don’t wear them.

Adi from Perfect Travels

Of course, keeping in theme, Cruise1st kept their guests well fed and hydrated in traditional Indian style; providing tea, coffee, prosecco, mimosas, dhokla (traditional spicy cake, famous for its versatility as it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, as a side dish or snack), Bombay mix, cornflakes chivda, honey-glazed pastries and coconut fudge balls (topra pak)! The shop was also decorated to make their guests feel immersed in Indian culture. Authentic decorations, umbrellas and bunting filled the room, and as a special treat to say thank you to our customers, we made sure they left with a goodie-bag consisting of scarfs, meditation aids and prosperity bracelets from Adi.

Our customers who have already booked their travels to India told Jacqui that they were so happy and really enjoyed learning more about India, they’re now even more excited for their upcoming trip! For the customers who are yet to book, they told us that they found the presentation really informative and inspired them to book, especially as their concerns regarding visas had been clarified. 

In addition, the prices of visas have also dropped, making cruising to India even more affordable! For more details about obtaining an Indian e-visa please visit: and for a Sri Lankan visa (which are currently free of charge up to 30 days).

In-store at Cruise1st

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