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It’s on everyone’s bucket list. Travel the world and see the wonderful South Sea, the mega metropolises of Asia, the cultural treasures of Europe, the breathtaking landscapes of South America, the glacial wonderland of Antarctica and the natural wonders in Africa. There are so many incredible places the world has to offer that are just waiting to be explored.

Sea dock and sunset on a fleet of stairsOne of the best and most comfortable ways to travel the world is on a cruise. It allows you to decide how long you want your journey to last – from 40 nights on a Grand Voyage from Europe to South America to 200 days on an around-the-world trip. On some ships, you can also book a partial world cruise, where you travel for just a short stretch of a ship’s wider journey.

The ships going on a world cruise vary from year to year but there are some well-known for travelling the world. The regular suspects include the Queen Mary 2 and the MS Europa, which sail the seven seas practically every season.

World Cruises of all shapes and sizes

There are world cruises to suit every travel style and budget. The services included in your cruise fare can vary depending on the cruise line, so keep an eye out for possible extra costs such as beverage packages, shore excursions, and tips. World cruises also vary by route and destinations. If you prefer moving at a more relaxed pace, look for a route with lots of overnight stays in a single port.

Many cruise lines send their smaller ships on world cruises because they can visit smaller ports that big mega ships aren’t able to fit into. World cruise ships are thus often able to visit particularly exotic destinations, and can even sail up rivers such as the Amazon River in South America or through the Panama Canal.

Most world cruises depart from major European ports such as Hamburg and Southampton, but also Barcelona and Rome. You can combine your departure with a pre-cruise stay in the departure port city and, after a bit of exploring, head off on your grand adventure. Of course you can also start your cruise in another world city, like Miami or Sydney. Check the existing offers or ask our cruise experts to find out which departure ports are possible for a world cruise.

Which cruise and ship are for me?

Generally speaking, world cruises are very popular – and so therefore it’s important to plan in advance and book early. Popular cabin categories can sell out quickly. But with so much on offer, how do you choose?

Few people dining and a theater room filled with peopleFirstly, select a ship that fits your needs and desires. Do you prefer a classic and traditional cruise experience or are you into modern luxury? Do you want to be with a mixed crowd and a lot of people or do you want a quieter experience with like minded people? These are important things to consider – especially with the amount of time you’ll be travelling.

It may sound obvious but keep in mind that you’ll be visiting many different regions. It’s therefore important to pack clothing for several different temperatures, as the climate can drastically change.

The most popular ships and routes at a glance

People relaxing on deck of a shipOn a world cruise, you can explore new, exciting destinations nearly every day. And when you’re not exploring, you can use your time at sea to relax and digest your new experiences.

Some cruise lines are offering exciting dream vacations around the world for their World Cruises 2020.


Grand voyage of the Americas with the Amadea

People on the golf pitch and a dimly lit spa roomThe modern dream ship Amadea will take you on an unforgettable journey to North and South America. Over the course of 126 days, the ship departs in Nice, France, crosses the Atlantic over to South America, sails north along the U.S. west coast, through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean, and then back to Europe via Azores. Magnificent fjords of Chile, tropical Central American rainforests, and iconic U.S. cities await. Included in the cruise fare are all onboard meals and accompanying wine and soft drinks– note that additional beverages cost extra and tipping is expected. The Amadea is a great ship for fitness and wellness enthusiasts, with a diverse sports programme and a luxurious onboard spa.

World Cruise from Nice (France) or Hamburg

Voyage length: 125 nights

20 December 2019 – 23 April 2020


 Around the world in 114 days with the Queen Mary 2 from Cunard

The exterior and interior of Queen Mary 2If there’s such thing as a classic world cruise ship then it’s the Queen Mary 2. Her classic exterior as well as her historical interior radiate the charm and elegance of the ocean liners of the last century. Who wouldn’t want to travel with this famous ocean giant? The 114-day world cruise with the Queen Mary 2 begins in New York. The first stretch is a transatlantic journey to Southampton, then onwards and through the Suez Canal to Dubai. Then come overnight stays in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Mauritius and La Reunion, and a full two nights in Cape Town, so there’s plenty of time to explore each destination. After sailing around Cape Horn onwards to Namibia, the Canary Islands, and Southampton, the Queen Mary 2 crosses back over the pond to return to New York.

Meal, water, coffee, and tea are all included in the cruise fare, as are gratuities. Additional beverages and specialty dining cost extra.

World Cruise to/from New York

114 days / 113 nights

January 3, 2020 – April 25, 2020

It’s also possible to book a partial world cruise on the Queen Mary 2, such as a Transatlantic, Mediterranean, and Asia Grand Voyage from New York to Dubai departing 3 January 2020. The 100-day round trip world cruise to/from Southampton departing 10 January 2020; or the 61-day Asia-Australia-Africa Adventure departing 18 February 2020 from Hong Kong to South Africa.


Around the World in 100 days with the P&O Arcadia

fire works on board sailing shipStart the new year in style! Right at the start of 2020, the P&O Arcadia will be calling out “all aboard!” and commencing an exciting, 100-day cruise around the world. Departing from Southampton, she’ll sail across the Atlantic over to the Caribbean, then through the Panama Canal to San Francisco, where she’ll spend the night in port. Then she departs for the wide Pacific, where she’ll stop in Hawaii on her way to Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dubai for more overnight stays. Through the Suez Canal and on to the Mediterranean, with calls in Malta and Lisbon, until she finally docks again in Southampton.

Meals in the buffet and the main restaurants are included in the cruise fare, as are coffee, tea, water, and juice. Gratuities are additional.

World cruise to/from Southampton with the Arcadia

Journey length: 99 nights

3 January 2020 –11 April 2020

Still not sure what cruise to go on; contact our cruise experts to book a tailored cruise for you.



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