Cruise Miss tells us about her return aboard Queen Mary 2


The day had arrived, it was time to head for the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and say a big hello to Queen Mary 2 and a long goodbye to America. As much as I love to be at sea, the sight of QM2 on August 9th was bittersweet – she was taking me home – but what I didn’t know was that a week of incredible people and experiences awaited me.

For my journey home, I had a single outside stateroom on Deck 3 and I have to say that I was very impressed with it. Beautiful décor, lovely bedding, huge windows and a bathroom that had a massage power shower. I’d like to point out that I LOVED that shower! It had a large square head and several different flow settings – it really woke you up in the morning. The stateroom overall was far bigger than I had imagined it to be and I really did like it. If you are a solo traveller, then I highly recommend that you speak to a Cruise 1st travel agent regarding the solo staterooms on Queen Mary 2 before you book your next cruise on this vessel. My room was nestled down a quiet, little section of Deck 3 – right next to the Britannia Restaurant at one end and straight into The Queen’s Room at the other.

I unpacked and then sat down on my bed for 5 minutes (which was bigger than a single but smaller than a queen) and told myself this week would be all about some much needed rest, writing and enjoying my sea days with my book. That didn’t really go to plan…

Leaving America was sad to be honest, I’d had such a good time and I didn’t want to leave, but I took myself up on deck and joined in with the pre-sailaway festivities. It was then that I met several people who had also just done some kind of U.S. road trip and had decided that the only way to travel to the U.K. was aboard a grand ocean liner. I even met one Australian family who had travelled from Sydney to Los Angeles and then drove cross-country to pick up QM2 in Brooklyn – they hadn’t once set foot on a plane! I loved the sound of their trip and it made us instant friends.

We left New York with a NYPD helicopter escort and minute by minute the Manhattan skyline got smaller. Finally, we were heading right out to see and the sunset was stunning – I could have sat there for hours just watching the sky changing colour.

queen mary 2 new york

I was on Deck 3 in the Britannia Restaurant for dinner during this crossing, again on a table for 6 (although they squeezed and extra place in and made it 7, but there were only ever 6 of us). There were 4 single ladies and 1 couple – a husband and wife. It was another nice mix of people and I looked forward to dinner, although some nights I did venture into the Kings Court instead – I like a bit of variation in my venues. The food in both restaurants was just as good as it had been on the westbound crossing and there was just as much choice. I didn’t see a single dish eastbound that had been offered on the westbound.

After dinner on the first night, I met up with the Australian family and the British couple I’d met earlier in the day and we spent the evening in G32 – Queen Mary 2’s onboard nightclub That would be how virtually every night of my crossing would play out. I’d never imagined for one second that I’d meet so many people in such a short space of time and that we would all become instant friends – it usually happens on the last day or two and you spend the rest of the cruise all saying that you wish you’d met each other sooner – regular cruisers will know exactly what I am talking about. I think by the end of the cruise there were around 16 of us and we were from all over the world.

I purchased a soft drinks package on this voyage, something that hadn’t been offered to me on the westbound, which including the service charge of 15% was roughly $53. I really like pineapple juice and could easily drink it by the bucket full, so I thought the safest option was the package. It also included other juices and soft drinks such as Coke and lemonade. I think in all I saved around $40 – so it was certainly worth it. I’d imagine if you have children that it would be something worth considering.

I enjoyed both of my transatlantic voyages with Cunard and they each have left me with lasting memories and some wonderful new friends. Within just a day or so of me arriving back in the U.K. I was scanning the Cunard website for other transatlantic voyages in the future, so watch this space because who knows what may lie ahead…

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Cruise Miss tells us about her return aboard Queen Mary 2
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Cruise Miss tells us about her return aboard Queen Mary 2
Cruise expert Cruise Miss recently returned from her time in America aboard Queen Mary 2, this is what she told us about her experience.
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