Why You Should Take a Cruise On… Cunard Line


The cruise experience can change dramatically from cruise line to cruise line, each catering to slightly different audiences and offering a variety of different experiences. If you’re new to cruising, or want to discover a new cruise line, it can be difficult to pick the perfect line to suit your tastes and your family’s requirements.

So, to simplify matters, we have created a series of guides explaining the features and benefits of many of the world’s great cruise lines. Today we focus on the grand dame of the cruise world, Cunard Line.

The Cunard Line Experience

Cunard Line cruises are designed for you to have the freedom to relax and shape your own day. Their ships offer you the chance to travel to all corners of the globe in palatial luxury, from the stunning design to the exquisite spa facilities. With entertainment that gives you the chance to choose between Shakespeare and Mozart or musicals and nightclubs, every moment of a Cunard Line cruise can be crafted to suit your tastes. Traditional afternoon teas and formal dining are complemented by 24-hour service so you don’t have to plan your day around anything but your own whims. Cunard Line cruises are stylish and grown up, putting you in control of creating your perfect holiday.

A Regal Fleet to Suit You

Every ship in Cunard Line’s fleet is designed to make you feel like royalty, from the sumptuous décor to the indulgent cuisine. Choosing the right one for you is simply a case of getting to know each ship’s personality and seeing which will best suit yours.

Queen Mary 2 – The stunning Cunard Line flagship is renowned for its attention to detail, meeting your every need with a quiet subtlety that delights its guests. It’s perfect for cruisers who want to be surprised and delighted at the small things, whether it be the beautiful planetarium or the fact that the ship possesses the only kennels at sea – so your prized pooch can join the voyage.

 Queen Elizabeth – Queen Elizabeth is the newest ocean liner in the Cunard Line fleet, but she still recalls the rich heritage of Cunard Line’s iconic ships. Combining elegance with modern features, this ship’s focus on outdoor areas makes it perfect for those who wish to spend their holiday relaxing in a garden party atmosphere.

Queen Victoria – Known for its elegance and grace, the Queen Victoria combines modern luxury with the splendour of the great ocean liners of the past. From the private boxes in the Royal Court Theatre to the relaxed ambience of the Winter Garden, this ship will have you feeling like a king or queen from the moment you step on board.

world cruise

The World’s Your Oyster

Cunard Line cruises offer you the chance to explore every region of the world, from the enchanting cities of Europe to the sun-drenched shores of the Pacific Islands. From mini-cruises spent discovering a new city to epic global tours that let you experience every region in one stunning voyage, there are no limits to Cunard Line’s itineraries. With all three Queens heading to different parts of the world, on journeys taking anywhere from four nights to over three months, there’s nowhere that Cunard Line cruises can’t take you.

Known for their spectacular Transatlantic and round-the-world cruises, Cunard Line are experts in taking you on epic journeys in the utmost style. Harking back to the days when they pioneered the World Voyage in 1922, the line mix style and adventure to let their passengers discover the world whilst relaxing in the lap of luxury. From the hot scent of spices in bustling market places to the sweeping majesty of icy vistas, every corner of the globe is just waiting for you to explore it. There really can be no better way to see the world than on one of Cunard Line’s iconic journeys.

And perhaps their most famous cruise is the delightful Transatlantic route between Southampton and New York. This well-travelled route is one of the rites of passage for any discerning cruise aficionado.

A Taste of Luxury

Cunard Line’s dining options give passengers the chance to indulge their senses with beautifully crafted cuisine from around the world. The main dining rooms showcase innovative cooking, with dishes that are almost too beautiful to eat, served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For those who wish to enjoy a unique dining experience, alternating speciality dining venues offer the flavours of Asia, India, Italy and America in their tantalising menus. Cunard Line’s ships all have a range of stylish bars and lounges, so you can enjoy the best in drinks and conversation. Whether your tastes are for fancy cocktails served in stylish surroundings, unusual whiskies, or opulent Champagne, Cunard Line ships have a bar for you. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, or simply want to treat someone special, the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar is the perfect place to get dressed up and indulge your loved ones.

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Holiday in Style

Cunard Line’s stylish, relaxed atmosphere can be seen in its entertainment options, which give guests the chance to both unwind and enrich themselves. The Royal Spa is the perfect place to melt your cares away, whether you indulge in a special treatment or simply soak in the hydrotherapy pool. Speaker programmes and the Cunard Book Club give you the opportunity to stretch yourself and learn about new things that interest you, from science to literature. For those who crave a little more excitement, the Royal Theatre has the first ever private boxes at sea, so you can watch a thrilling hi-tech musical with an extra dash of glamour. Whether you want dancing, music, or wine tasting, Cunard Line has the perfect stylish activity to suit your refined tastes.

If you think Cunard Line sounds like exactly the type of stylish cruise line you dream of, why not book a holiday on one of their luxurious ships? With itineraries all over the globe, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect cruise for you. For the very best deals, browse Cruise1st UK’s collection of Cunard Line cruises online or call our friendly sales team on 0808 2746 777.

Why You Should Take a Cruise On… Cunard Line
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Why You Should Take a Cruise On… Cunard Line
Cruise lines can differ drastically, we have created a guide to help you choose the best one for you.

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