Princess Go All Out for Fishermen (and Fisherwomen)


It’s a sport that many of us just don’t understand. It generally involves middle aged men sitting outside in the freezing cold, often all night long, dangling some wire in water and hoping that a fish will come along and bite. Of course some people do it to catch their tea, what could be better than freshly caught fish for tea? Others however, catch the fish, only to look at it then throw it back into the water (with a big hole in its cheek). Personally, I don’t get it. However, there are millions of people out there, usually men but sometimes women too, who just love to fish and now, Princess Cruises have answered all of their prayers at once.

Princess are about to offer a cruise to Alaska completely centred around fishing. For 14 days and nights, you can fish all you want in some of the most spectacular fishing waters in Alaska.

The trip includes several full days of fishing, including trips to the Inside Passage waters near Ketchikan where some of the best salmon fishing is to be had. There is also a day of fishing for halibut near Juneau, and some good, old fashioned river fishing on two rivers in Alaska where there are various types of fish on offer (if you are good enough to catch them).

As with many other cruise to Alaska from Princess Cruises, the trip will include a week on the ship, sailing through the Inside Passage and witnessing some of the most remarkable scenery that the country, and even the world, has to offer. There will also be the chance to spend a few nights in a Princess Lodge near Denali National Park, perfect for getting a taste of nature and watching some wildlife (if you get bored of fish).

Passengers wishing to take part on the cruise tour must be at least 12 years old, so do your kids a favour and don’t drag them along to watch daddy dangle a piece of string in the water!


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