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Whether you’re booking your first or 30th cruise voyage, one of the first things you have to decide upon is the cruise line with which you’ll travel. Built for different audiences and different tastes, and providing distinctly different experiences, the cruise line choice is a biggie – potentially having huge impact upon how much you and your family enjoy your trip.

At Cruise1st UK, we are determined to help all cruise guests find the perfect ship and itinerary for their personal tastes. That is why our dedicated sales team will take time to help you identify the very best package for you. And to help you kickstart the process of picking the cruise deal you’ll love, we’ve created a series of guides to the different cruise lines – so you can identify which one best suit you and your travel companions.

Today, we’re looking at one of the world’s best loved cruise lines, Princess Cruises.

With 18 ships currently in service, the Princess Cruises fleet makes up one of the world’s largest cruise lines – and one which features a series of world-first amenities. For more than 50 years, Princess Cruises have been delighting their passengers with new itineraries, features and experiences – all wrapped up in a luxury bundle. Here, we explore some of the line’s greatest qualities.

Here is the guide to why you should take a cruise on Princess Cruises.

The Marriage of the Traditional and the Current

Over the past 15 years, the cruise industry has undergone something of an identity evolution with many lines modernising their offerings. This has seen a bit of a split within the cruise industry, with some lines embracing the modern approach, and others retaining the classic feeling of cruising – often forcing cruise guests to decide between the old and the new.

However, Princess Cruises have managed to navigate this decision and offer modern and classic cruising experiences better than most of their competitors. Their ships all offer a charming mix of cruise experiences, so you can easily indulge in a glitzy dinner reception in tuxedo and bowtie before retiring to the top deck and watching a delightful movie under the stars on their open-air cinema screen. If you want the traditional cruising experience with all the comfort provided by mod cons, Princess Cruises could be for you.

Princess Cruises Image Library - Promenade

Piazza Community

In a bid to create an entirely inclusive and welcoming first impression of their ships for guests stepping on board, Princess Cruises have blessed many of their fleet members with a piazza-style grand atrium. A multi-deck, open-plan atrium features cafés, bars, shops and more – creating an incredible atmosphere which immediately transports guests to the charming social spots of Italy.

And it is this Italian influence that Princess Cruises are attempting to really nurture in their piazza-style atriums, with people drinking, laughing and chatting with friends, old and new. Great throughout the day and evening, the piazza is a spot for a pick-me-up coffee in the morning, a light bite in the afternoon or a digestif last thing at night.

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Fitness Facilities to Battle the Buffet Bulge

We’ve all done it. Spent weeks, and months, before a holiday honing the physique to be beach-ready and primed for swimwear (some with more success than others, regrettably), to then attack the food and drink on holiday with reckless abandon.

And we certainly do not begrudge you indulging in the delightful dining and drinking to be enjoyed aboard a Princess Cruises trip. But surely there’s a way to combat packing on a little holiday timber provided by the generous buffets and cocktails?

Well, yes there is. Princess Cruises offer some of the most comprehensive and modern gym and fitness facilities to be found at sea. So, you can enjoy those speciality restaurants without any guilt, safe in the knowledge a quick workout and a dip in the pool will easily offset any extra calories.

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Movies Under the Stars

We alluded to this great feature of Princess Cruises ships above, and we reckon it deserves even more attention. Movies Under the Stars is a hugely popular feature found aboard the majority of Princess Cruises ships – a huge open-air cinema on the top deck of the vessel, showing Hollywood classics and modern blockbusters.

There are few finer ways to end a glorious day on the open seas than taking to the top deck with your loved ones, finding a few deck chairs together, snuggling down under the complimentary blankets and chomping away on the free popcorn under the twinkling stars. Absolute perfection.

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A Star of Screen

Princess Cruises not only showcases the best of Hollywood, their ships were the stars of one of the USA’s best-loved television series, The Love Boat. The show followed the lives of crew members and passengers aboard a luxury cruise line – ably portrayed by a number of vessels in the Princess Cruises fleet.

Not only did The Love Boat provide light entertainment for American families between 1977 and 1986, but it also significantly raised the profile of the cruise industry. If it hadn’t been for The Love Boat, who’d know how the modern cruise industry would look today?

So, these are our top five reasons why you should cruise with Princess Cruises. If you are still undecided about the cruise line you should holiday with, why not check out our other guides? Just click the links below.

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Or if we have won you over with our argument for Princess Cruises, we can introduce you to some of the very best deals with this line. Simply visit our dedicated Princess Cruises page, or call our friendly sales team on 0808 2746 777

Why You Should Take a Cruise on… Princess Cruises
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