Princess Cruises Unveil Royal Princess Fitness Facilities


We all know cruising is all about relaxation, good food, excellent entertainment and meeting new people. But all those good times can play havoc with the waistline and Princess Cruises are aiming to counter that with their new fitness facilities on Royal Princess. From next June, there will be no excuse for guests not to keep in shape with a new outdoor jogging track, circuit exercises, a fitness centre with the latest in sports equipment and even a private aerobics studio.

“Many of our passengers are very active on holiday” said Paul Ludlow, Princess Cruises UK Director “These new facilities will offer them state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge classes to keep up or even step up their fitness routines at sea”.

The jogging track on Deck 18 offers double lanes, one for runner, and one for walkers. It has unique circuit training stations at intervals giving passengers who want to burn calories or work on their strength the perfect opportunity to do it al fresco.

Princess Sports Centre is a multi-sport area offering court based games, lawn activities and a virtual gaming lounge. The court is marked out for tennis, basketball, badminton and volleyball. Baseball players can use portable batting cages to perfect their swing, golfers have a driving range area and there is even simulated laser shooting on board. The more sedate sports of putting, bocce, croquet and lawn bowling can be undertaken on the upper level and the Game Lounge is a restful space to meet up for a game of table tennis or virtual gaming with Kinect.

The Fitness Centre offers a state-of-the-art gym with an ocean view. The equipment available can offer a challenge to everyone from a beginner to serious sportsperson. Treadmills, recumbent bikes, strength equipment, elliptical machines and free weights are all on offer. Most will have personal TV screens and some of the bikes have interactive virtual cycle routes which makes those long rides that bit more exciting.

To the rear of the gym is the private aerobics studio that will be offering fitness classes including the most trendy workout options. TRX is a form of suspension training and participants can control the intensity of the different exercises by adjusting their body position or angle.

MyRide offers scenic virtual landscapes from around the world giving users the opportunity to cycle through their favourite locations, or perhaps one that they have always wanted to visit.
A new exercise class using an aromatherapy-scented ball is used in Chi-Ball Yoga to encourage relaxation with different mood-enhancing oils.

For those wanting a more structured and tougher workout, Body Sculpt Boot Camp is just the one for them. Designed to increase muscle tone, endurance, energy and increase muscular strength, this programme burns up to 700 calories in a 40 min class. Those participating get a follow up poster outlining the exercises and the four primary workouts for them to continue after the cruise.
Passengers get the advantage of advice from professional fitness instructors who can work out an exercise routine to help them meet their fitness goals. After a good workout it is a good plan to take advantage of the ship’s Lotus Spa for a relaxing massage to release those tired muscles.


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