Princess Cruise Passengers Runs First Ever Marathon at Sea!


Keeping on the theme of health and fitness, the latest news to come from the Princess Cruises camp is that a guest ran a marathon (!!!) onboard the Grand Princess. How is this possible I hear you ask? Well, the Grand Princess certainly isn’t 26 miles long but the cruise lover in question, Steve Eaton, ran round and round the running track until he had covered a distance of 26 miles. This is the first time that a marathon has ever been ran at sea!

It took Eaton just over 5 1/4 hours to complete the marathon, and prior to running this one, he had completed 32 marathons before. Even so, running a marathon at sea was a new experience even for him!

Eaton was raising both money and awareness for the charity “Help for Heroes”. In particular he was running for Staff Sergeant Christopher Chacksfield, a family friend who was murdered in 2010 after serving time in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq without injury.

Eaton puts all of us “average” cruise lovers to shame, generally I just lie around eating on a cruise! Maybe next time I will make a few visits to the gym in honour of this achievement.


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