Drunken Anchor Man Guilty of “Felony Stupidity”


So you might remember a while ago we posted a story about a drunk guy who threw the anchor overboard while he was on a cruise ship. We were all a little bit flabbergasted as to how he managed this, and today his lawyer has been speaking out about the case.

When the anchor was lowered, all of the alarms were sounded on the ship and cruise passengers were called onto the deck of the ship in an emergency procedure (see, those drills do come in handy sometimes!).

The accused man has now admitted that he did indeed break into the control room and lower the anchor and apparently he just thought it was a big joke. Probably not so funny now though… as he might gave 20 years in jail for his drunken stupidity. What they guy probably didn’t realise, is that it could have caused a serious accident and his actions may have put lives at risk.

The accused’s lawyer has said that his client is guilty of “felony stupidity” and understands why everyone was mad with him but says that because there was no damage to the ship, and nobody was hurt, that no crime has actually been committed.

The lawyer feels that although it was a reckless act, and could potentially have caused serious problems, his client should not be facing criminal charges. He concedes that civil action might be appropriate and for some reason, happened to mention his client’s wealth – saying that he is (or was!) a well respected businessman who has the money to pay for any damage which his actions caused…. So apparently, you can do whatever you like so long as you can afford to put things right afterwards!

Here’s hoping I never get on a cruise with this guy!


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