“Don’t Try to Sue Carnival” Warns Top Lawyer

A top US Maritime lawyer (who knew such a thing even existed?) has hit out at cruise passengers who are seeking to sue Carnival Cruise line over the fire incident earlier this month. The lawyer, named Walker, reported that a large number of people have already contacted his office, seeking a lawyer so that they can sue Carnival Cruises for damages.
Walker has today spoken out about this on his website, saying that there is no basis for passengers affected by the fire to sue. As nobody was injured or hurt, and the circumstances were out of Carnival’s control, those looking to file a lawsuit will apparently be wasting their time (and money!).
Walker has criticised other lawyers who have agreed to represent anrgy guests, saying that being inconvenienced, or living in slightly unpleasant conditions for a few days in not compensable! Yes, they had to eat spam which let’s face it, is completely gross, but unfortunately it’s not illegal.
The cruise experience may not have been exactly what these passengers were hoping for, but the fire was nobodies fault and so far, most in the industry have been pleasantly surprised with the way the cruise line is handling the situation. Carnival have gone above and beyond by not only offering all passengers a full refund of the price of their cruise and transport to/from the ship, they have also offered them a free cruise in the future. So as long as passengers aren’t traumatised for life by the spam sandwiches, they’d be fools not to take Carnival up on their offer.
Walker predicts that nobody who is suing the cruise line will walk away with a better deal than that which has already been offered by Carnival. Indeed, jurors may even be offended that people have the nerve to complain about a few smelly toilets and basic food when so many people in the US right now couldn’t afford to go on a cruise in their wildest dreams.

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