Carnival Cruises Show Green Success


Carnival UK have made significant reductions in their CO2 emissions and fuel usage, it has been announced today. They have achieved the results and met the goals that they were hoping for. Carnival UK is the parent company for 4 other cruise lines – P&O Cruises, Princess, Cunard Cruises and Ocean. Between them, the cruise lines have achieved a 5% reduction in fuel usage and CO2 emissions have been cut by 10%.

These amazing reductions were achieved by a combination of different tactics, including saving water, recycling and reducing waste. Water consumption fell by 3% and almost 76% of water on the ships in the Carnival UK group was produced on board.

Recycling also made a big difference to the green efforts of Carnival UK. Recycling aboard the ships actually trebled in 2010, with paper, packaging and even cooking oil now being recycled and reused in a bid to reduce waste. The recycling of cooking oil alone has produced enough biodiesel to run a family car for over a million miles.

The chief executive of Carnival UK, David Dingle has long been interested in ensuring that their cruise lines do all they can in order to become more eco-friendly. They fully recognise the need for sustainability and want to show that they care for the environment.

Carnival UK hopes to inspire other big players in the travel industry to look at green issues and make cuts in CO2 emissions and fuel usage wherever possible.


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