Brits Take to Cruising like Ducks to Water


Since the cruise industry really opened up in Britain, cruises have been becoming more and more popular with the British travelling public. In 2010, one in nine package holidays taken by Brits was a cruise holiday. As more and more holidaymakers seek value for money from their holidays, it seems that cruises are ticking all the boxes.

Cruises appeal to many because they tend to be inclusive of food and often drinks too. Although you are still paying for it by paying a higher price for the cruise, it can make things more manageable in terms of budgeting. If you pay upfront, you know that you aren’t going to need much in the way of spending money while you are on your cruise.

Another positive sign for British cruises, is the fact that UK departures grew by a staggering 10% in 2010. 40% of cruises that British holidaymakers choose leave from the UK, involving no international flights. However, fly/cruise numbers are also growing and this year, there will likely be over a million passengers from the UK embarking on a fly/cruise holiday.

A massive 66% of UK passengers admitted that the reason they chose to cruise was because they wanted to stretch their money – almost a quarter of passengers said the fact that cruises were all inclusive or inclusive of food also appealed to them.

With 40% of cruises taken last year costing under £1000 per person, it is no wonder that this holiday option is growing more and more popular.


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