You Can Dance with the Stars on a MSC Cruise


MSC Cruises are renowned for their huge ships, fantastic interiors, divine food and friendly service. They are also well known for providing a huge range of onboard entertainment, centred around anything from chess to beauty, allowing everyone to discover their own personal passion.

Well MSC have now announced a new type of cruise, the dance cruise! In the 2010-2011 season, they will be offering a range of dance cruises which will have daily dance lessons at intermediate and beginners levels. The classes will be taken by professional dancers, and a range of different dances will be taught.

As well as the more traditional styles of dance such a ballroom, there will also be classes teaching salsa moves, cha cha, and some samba and mambo! Each class will begin with a warm up and end with stretching exercises to ensure that guests are in good shape to keep coming back for more! As well as learning the actual dances, there will be several workshops throughout the cruises which teach people about the origins of the different dances.

As well as dance classes for guests, the nightly shows will also be very much focused on dancing. There will be dance competitions and even costume evenings where guests can dress up in their sixties inspired clothing and groove all night!

So if you are a keen dancer, or perhaps you have just always wanted to try some dancing out, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. There will be many beginners onboard, so you needn’t feel self conscious about your own skills as you can be sure there will be those who are even worse than you! As well as being fun, dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit and it is very unlikely with all this dancing that you will experience the usual weight gain that follows a cruise (even if you do partake in the odd midnight chocolate feast!).


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