Will I Need a Visa to Travel to EU Nations?


One of the most-discussed subjects in the wake of last month’s EU referendum is the right to freedom of movement with the potential restriction of EU nationals moving to the UK, and UK nationals finding work in other European Union nations.

Additionally, there is a concern that leisure travel from the UK to EU nations could be impacted, with holidaymakers potentially having to jump through hoops when holidaying on the continent.

Fortunately, it appears as though very little will change for UK holidaymakers heading over to France or Spain for their summer getaway. Additional visas will not be necessitated. All that will be required is for UK nationals to pass through passport control when arriving in a new country – a requirement which is already currently in place.

However, there are whispers that there is a small chance stricter border controls and border checks may come in place if more nations decide to leave the EU. Currently, the Schengen Agreement means that border checks between EU nations are largely anonymous – but this may be reneged if more member states leave the EU.

Increased border checks could make it more difficult to travel between the UK and EU member states, and could also draw out the process of entering a new country. But this is an event which would be years away (it took the Schengen Agreement 10 years to action), giving decision-makers time to develop a more efficient and suitable solution.

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Will I Need a Visa to Travel to EU Nations?
Article Name
Will I Need a Visa to Travel to EU Nations?
Cruise1st looks into the concern that UK holidaymakers may require additional visas when travelling to EU states following Brexit.

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