Will Brexit Affect Travel Insurance and Health Cover?


The historic referendum last week looks set to propel the UK out of the EU, and into somewhat unknown territory. The leaders of the UK, EU and EEA have plenty of decisions to make over the next couple of years, including the freedom of movement for UK nationals travelling around EU member states for business or leisure.

As well as costs and border checks, a concern for UK holidaymakers is whether health and travel insurance may become more expensive or complicated following Brexit. Currently, 27 million people throughout the continent rely on their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to provide health support on their travels.

The card entitles UK nationals to state-provided medical care in all European Economic Area (EEA) nations as well as Switzerland – with the local services required to treat the EHIC-holders as citizens. However, this may change in the wake of Brexit with Conservative leaders yet to disclose whether the UK will also look to leave the EEA.

The EHIC is an EEA initiative, and a number of countries (including Norway and Iceland) who are members of the EEA, and not the EU, still accept the card. It is possible the UK could adopt this model, and the EHIC may still offer the same cover it does today.

However, more significant changes may be afoot if the UK does not maintain its EEA membership – potentially necessitating a shake-up of travel insurance and health cover.

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Will Brexit Affect Travel Insurance and Health Cover?
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Will Brexit Affect Travel Insurance and Health Cover?
Cruise1st explores whether Brexit could affect the cost of travel insurance and health cover for UK holidaymakers.

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