Why You Should Trade Your All-Inclusive Holiday for a Cruise


All-inclusive holidays have been popular with British holidaymakers for years. They’re a cost-effective way of making the most of your holiday, allowing vacationers to indulge on their break without worrying about hefty bills. So, why should loyal fans of the all-inclusive holiday consider a cruise instead? Well, there are plenty of reasons actually…

Something for Everyone

A lot of people wrongly assume that cruises are reserved for the older generation. But the sheer variety of cruise liners and different types of cruises available today means cruising is fast becoming the perfect choice for a family holiday, a honeymoon, or even solo travellers.

Family-friendly cruises are jam-packed with fun facilities and amazing activities. The kids can go wild with water parks, crazy golf, kids’ clubs, cinemas, multi-sports pitches and so much more, while parents can unwind by the pool, catch the sun on deck, and unwind with evening entertainment.

If you’re looking for a more intimate and romantic holiday, many luxury cruise liners have incredible on-board restaurants with celebrity chefs and fine dining experiences, as well as casinos, nightclubs, spa treatments and luxury rooms.

Afternoon Refreshment Selection

All the Perks of an All-Inclusive Holiday, and More!

Many people enjoy all-inclusive holidays for the peace of mind, knowing that the cost of eating and drinking is covered for their whole trip. But a lot of people don’t know that there are now plenty of all-inclusive cruises. Some cruise lines also offer bolt-on options to cover the cost of food and drink while on board.

Some all-inclusive travellers may be concerned their dinner options and offerings may be limited or unappetising. With an all-inclusive cruise, those fears are completely unfounded. On board an all-inclusive cruise ship, you’ll have access to a range of different restaurants and bars, so you can guarantee that there will be something to suit everyone’s fancy.

What’s more, some all-inclusive holidays can be lacking when it comes to entertaining the kids or finding space by the pool. On board a cruise, you’re free to utilise all of the amazing facilities, from morning yoga sessions to live entertainment in the evening. With so much for everyone to see and do on board, there’s no need to get up at 5am to reserve a sun lounger.

Customising your Package

If the main reason you go for the all-inclusive holiday is to save money on drinks, then a cruise might just work out as the more cost-effective option. Lots of cruise companies now give you the option to add on a ‘drinks package’ to your cruise. It’s the ideal package if you want the freedom of dining where you choose but also want to indulge with drinks without the added price tag.

You might find that the cost of all-inclusive for kids can be a little steep on package holidays, as they aren’t going to be utilising the free bar. Which is why some cruise liners offer specially tailored all-inclusive kids’ packages, which include unlimited free soft drinks and work out much cheaper.

Man enjoying whisky whilst looking out to sea

Multiple Destinations

All-inclusive holiday destinations mean that you spend the whole trip in one place. While your chosen destination might be beautiful, when you’re on board a cruise liner you can explore a multitude of destinations without the hassle of arranging the travel. Simply sit back and relax as your ship takes you on a journey to some of the world’s most incredible destinations. Whether you fancy city hopping, island hopping, or just lounging by the pool, you can do it all on a cruise holiday.

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Why You Should Trade Your All-Inclusive Holiday for a Cruise
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Why You Should Trade Your All-Inclusive Holiday for a Cruise
It's a common misconception that cruises are for the older generation, here are a couple of reasons why you should perhaps reconsider that thought.

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