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Cruise1st wants the best for its customers so special care is taken on the cruise shipping lines that we select. Household names with a strong presence in the business know what customers want and how to give them a fabulous on board experience. Names like Royal Caribbean, P&O, Celebrity Cruises, Princess, Holland America and Azamara Club all share a common goal – great service. However, each of them differs just as hotel chains have their own individual quirks to make them stand apart from one another.

It’s not that one is necessarily better than another, more of a case of ‘horses for courses’. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. The differences are what make the choice selection so varied and so exciting.

Decide What You Want

Being excited about a cruise is a wonderful feeling. There is much to look forward to. Think about the priorities for your trip to help you decide which will provide the best experience for you. Planning is part of the fun. When you know what you want, we can make recommendations to reflect your preferences.

Make a list and include things like:

  • preferred destination
  • length of trip
  • size of ship
  • adults only or family cruise
  • time of year
  • holiday and festival events
  • featured entertainment
  • time of year for travel
  • solo or shared trip

Once you have your list you can refine it and decide what is essential and what is most definitely not wanted. Further refine your requirements so you can see what you would be willing to compromise on and accept as long as the number one element was there.

Keep an open mind. There could be marvellous experiences out there you would appreciate. Travel broadens our horizons and a cruise offers multitude opportunities to expand our universe. Foods, cultures, landscapes and the people you meet could provide immensely enjoyable prospects you won’t find on other types of holidays.

Take for Granted

Security, safety, ultimate comfort and customer care are all part of the hospitality on board a cruise. With so many companies vying for your trade against each other and land-based establishments, there are some terrific offers year round. Shop around for a deal that best suits your requirements and make enquiries from the helpful staff who will try to find the trip of your dreams for you.

Competition for custom works in your favour. Each cruise will offer a unique experience and the ports of call, activities available and entertainment presented for your enjoyment will be top class to attract passengers.

Most importantly . . . enjoy it all: the anticipation and the actuality once you step on board and leave your land life behind you.



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