Who’s Dreaming of a World Cruise?


World Circumnavigation, those two words together send thousands of images shooting through my mind all at the same time. It’s like a race across the globe in a split second without even leaving my chair.

For me, a world cruise would be the ultimate experience and one day, I hope that I am lucky enough (and wealthy enough) to embark on the kind of voyage that would see me at sea for several months, taking in some of the best destinations our planet has to offer.

If it never happens then I certainly can’t complain as I have seen some truly wonderful places, but the want and need to see more never goes away. I wonder, however, how one would cope being back to reality after such a cruise? I am always happiest when at sea, so to spend 3-months on a cruise ship, exploring the world, to then come back home…I’m not sure how I would actually take that.


Why a World Cruise?

Every time I hear about the release of a world cruise itinerary, I have to go and have a look. I can spend an age just sitting there, fantasising about all of the different places that the people lucky enough to be embarking are going to enjoy. I know a few people that have done a world cruise, some have actually done several and have plans to do more, and the stories they tell are fascinating – I could sit and listen to them and look through their pictures all day every day and never get bored of it. It only fuels my own ambition to make it a reality for myself one day.

It must be the best feeling in the world as the ship pushes away from her berth and you officially embark on the voyage. The longest cruise I have ever done is 35-nights, so I can, to an extent, imagine how it feels to embark on something so extravagant as a world cruise. I’m actually going to be embarking on another 35-night voyage with P&O Cruises in just a few short weeks.

What to bring?


I think one of the only stressful things about a world cruise would be the packing – where do you even start? I had a conversation with a man and his wife once about their world cruise, they said they had enjoyed a day at the beach in glorious, warm sunshine and the next day they were literally faced with below zero temperatures. Maybe it would be a case of just put in a bit of everything because you never know what the weather is going to be like and in theory, that applies to every cruise.

Making the dream come true

I am determined to do it one day, join a ship for the voyage of an absolute lifetime and if I am very lucky, I may even have the opportunity to do it twice in my lifetime. I keep letting my voyage length creep up in numbers, I just can’t help it, I prefer to be at sea than on land, but I don’t think I am ready to make the jump from 35 to 120+ – I don’t think my bank manager would thank me for it either!

Watch this space…

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