Which Cruise Ships Can You Smoke On?


A frequently asked question of first-time cruisers, we’d recommend getting to know the smoking policy of your next cruise well before you get onboard. For those who smoke, you’ll be happy to know that non-smoking lines and ships were stubbed out a while back and no longer exist. At the same time, you aren’t allowed to light up wherever you please either, each ship will have designated areas that limit the location of smoking.

Here we’ll run through the major cruise lines’ smoking policies and let you in on all you need to know about smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes, on Cruise1st’s most popular lines.

Azamara Club Cruises

On all its ships, Azamara’s dedicated smoking area (including e-cigarettes) is clearly marked at the starboard forward section of the pool deck. All other areas of the ship, including public rooms, restaurants, pool decks, staterooms, suites, verandahs and halls, are no smoking at all times.

Additionally, this policy also extends to Azamara Cruisetours’s land portions, unless stated otherwise.

 Carnival Cruise Line

 Smoking is permitted in Carnival’s clubs, along with designated areas in its casino and attached bars, aside from Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Vista. There are also designated exterior open-deck areas on all ships, although on some Australian itineraries on Carnival Legend, smoking is prohibited in all indoor public and private spaces.

Please note that smoking in cabins and on balconies on all of Carnival’s ships is forbidden.

Celebrity Cruises

Guests are allowed to smoke in one of the designated areas provided outdoors. Smoking anywhere else, including its ships’ dining room, casino, theatre, lounges, hallways elevators, corridors, staterooms and balconies, is not permitted. The same goes for what Celebrity terms ‘smoking-like products’ such as electronic cigarettes.

A $250 cleaning fee will be levied against anyone found to be smoking in a non-smoking area.

Cunard Line

The smoking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is allowed in designated areas of the starboard side of open decks, as well as in certain bars and lounges. It is not permitted in cabins, on balconies or in any indoor public area including the casino; the only exception being Churchill’s Cigar Lounge on its Queen Victoria ship, and the upper level of Queen Mary 2’s G32 nightclub.

However, the smoking of e-cigarettes is allowed in cabins and on balconies.

Holland America Line

Holland America allows smoking on designated outside decks. Staterooms, their verandahs and showrooms are all non-smoking, although e-cigarettes and vaping devices are permitted in staterooms, as well as in designated smoking areas.

Marella Cruises

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas of Marella’s open decks. E-cigarettes can be smoked in the casino and adjoining bar areas on their ships, as well as designated smoking areas on deck.

MSC Cruises

Onboard MSC, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in its cabins, on its balconies or anywhere else unless clearly indicated with the appropriate signage. Smoking in areas where it not permitted is subject to a cleaning fee, and repeated offences can lead to your disembarkation.

Norwegian Cruise Line

You are permitted to smoke in the designated open-deck areas, cigar bars, smoking lounges and the casino, but only if you are playing. On Norwegian Cruise Line ships that feature the Waterfront, smoking is allowed on the starboard side with the exception of food-service areas.

P&O Cruises

Guests are able to smoke in any designated area that is clearly signposted. Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed public space, your cabin or your balcony. Please be aware that throwing cigarettes ends or tapping ash over the side of the ship is prohibited since the anything thrown can be drawn back into the ship and cause a fire hazard.

Princess Cruises

Cigar lounges, sections of nightclubs and casinos and designated areas of open decks allow guests to smoke. Cigar and pipe smoking is permitted only in cigar lounges, while e-cigarettes can be smoked in staterooms but not your room’s balcony.

 Royal Caribbean

On all of its ships, the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and e-cigarettes is permitted in designated areas of the open decks. The casino allows smoking but has certain areas where non-smokers can enjoy themselves free from distractions too.

Smoking is prohibited in all cabins and on all balconies, as well as in all inside public spaces.

Cruise Smoking Policies – At a glance


Cruise Line Dedicated smoking areas on deck? Dedicated smoking lounges/bars? Smoking on stateroom balconies
Azamara Club Cruises Yes No No
Carnival Cruise Line Yes Yes No
Celebrity Cruises Yes No No
Cunard Line Yes Yes No
Holland America Line Yes No No
Marella Cruises Yes Yes No
MSC Cruises Yes No No
Norwegian Cruise Line Yes Yes No
P&O Cruises Yes No No
Princess Cruises Yes Yes No (e-cigarettes can be smoked in your stateroom)
Royal Caribbean Yes Yes No



Further information about smoking on cruise ships:

On many cruise lines, rules and regulations are subject to change depending on the country the cruise ship is sailing from, or residing in for the evening. This is because different countries have different laws about smoking. All cruise lines will notify guests in advance of a rules change.

Although we mentioned it specifically for P&O, many – if not all – cruise lines have a strict policy prohibiting guests from throwing cigarette butts overboard. This is due to the wind blowing them back onto the ship, which is a fire hazard. Instead, use the regularly cleaned ashtrays provided. If you are sailing on a cruise ship that allows smoking on balconies, you may need to ask housekeeping for an ashtray for your cabin.

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