A Trip Through Westeros – Where Do We Find Our Favourite Game of Thrones Characters?


HBO’s mega-hit, Game of Thrones, returns to our TV screens again this month. The twisting plots, devious characters and incredibly creative deaths have captured the attention of millions of viewers around the world. At Cruise1st, we also love spotting real-life destinations in the fictional world of Westeros – with our favourite characters filming all over the world, from Morocco to Iceland and beyond. Here, we take a look at what our favourite characters got up to in season five, and where in the real world they are based.

Warning: Spoilers for seasons 1-5 below…

Jon Snow

What’s he up to?

  • Jon Snow was elected the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch
  • He led a small battalion to Hard Home to fight Wights to try and save Wildlings
  • Sadly, the Night’s Watch mutinied and stabbed Jon Snow, leaving him to die
  • However, rumours are rife this may not be the last we see of Jon Snow

Where is he?

  • Jon spent much of the season north of The Wall, including a visit to Hard Home
  • He then returned to Castle Black, where he was stabbed by the men he commanded and left to die

Did you know?

The backdrop to Jon Snow’s scenes North of the Wall are filmed throughout Iceland, including the memorable scene in which Jon and Ygritte had their famous first steamy encounter.

Grjótagjá Cave

Grjótagjá Cave (right) is the location where Jon Snow finally succumbed to Ygritte’s fiery charms, and broke his pledge as a brother of the Night’s Watch. The cave is a fully-functioning thermal pool which can be accessed via a small crack in the ground – still a peaceful and unspoilt escape, it’s possible to recreate Jon and Ygritte’s exploits.

Collage Iceland2

Tyrion Lannister


What’s he up to?

  • Tyrion is bundled out of his jail cell and across the narrow sea by Lord Varys
  • He intends to travel to Daenerys and help her conquer Westeros
  • But he is abducted by Jorah Mormont, who then takes him to Daenerys anyway
  • The two fight stone men, and are sold into slavery before meeting Daenerys

Where is he?

  • After escaping from a cell in the Red Keep, King’s Landing, Tyrion was shipped over to Meereen
  • We last see Tyrion bewildered by Dragons in a Meereenese fighting pit

Did you know?

Tyrion Lannister is the only major character in the show played by an American.

Daenerys Targaryen

D1 151-7 x

What’s she up to?

  • Daenerys spent most of season five handling various political problems
  • And the advances of various noblemen, and an apologetic Jorah Mormont
  • Despite her reservations, she reopens the fighting pits of Meereen
  • Where she is attacked by the Sons of the Harpy, but escapes on Drogon – landing miles away in front of a Dothraki hoard

Where is she?

  • The usually nomadic Khaleesi had a strangely static season, sticking mostly to Meereen
  • However, the season ends with her lost in the Dothraki Sea, on the continent of Essos

Did you know?

More than 50 baby girls were named after Daenerys Targaryen in the UK alone, in 2014. Don’t believe us, check this out.

Arya Stark

What’s she up to?

  • Arya sailed across the narrow sea, having fled from The Hound at the end of season four
  • She is accepted into the mysterious House of Black and White
  • She practises face-changing and identity-swapping, and a bit of murdering
  • Before going blind for her troubles

Where is she?

  • A natural killer, Arya has landed in the Free City of Braavos
  • She has taken her assassin skills to the brothels and boatyards of the city

Did you know?

The amazing settings and buildings which provided the backdrop to Arya’s scenes in Braavos are in the Croatian city of Split – including her forays into professional assassination.

Split’s Natural Harbour

The natural harbour and waterways of Split (leftmade the perfect backdrop for Arya’s spell as a cockle-seller/murderer, as she ambled around flogging shellfish and offing bad guys. For those looking to explore real-life Braavos, the seafood vendors can still be found around Split’s harbour, if not Arya and Needle.

Split Collage

Jaime Lannister


What’s he up to?

  • Jaime kicks off the season in King’s Landing having an argument with his sister/lover
  • So he heads of to rescue his niece (daughter), Myrcella from the Dornish
  • He is attacked and arrested by the Sand Snakes of Dorne
  • Jaime gets released and rescues his niece – however Myrcella was poisoned, and dies on the way home

Where is he?

  • Jaime was the first major character to explore Dorne in the show
  • But season five ended with him sailing back to King’s Landing, to tell his sister/lover that their daughter has snuffed it

Did you know?

  • Jaime’s scenes in Dorne were filmed in Seville, including his fight with the Sand Snakes in the real-life Alcázar.

Alcázar of Seville

When Jaime and Bronn found their way to the Water Gardens of Dorne (left), they were in the real-life Alcázar of Seville. If you’re looking to recreate their fight with the deadly Sand Snakes, the Alcázar can still be explored – offering beautiful gardens, water features, palatial rooms and more.

Seville Collage

Margaery Tyrell


What’s she up to?

  • The Queen incumbent spends the whole of season five cementing her royal position
  •  Margaery quickly gets over the death of husband Joffrey, by marrying his younger brother, Tommen
  •  She then turns her attention to manipulating his young mind with her sexual overtures
  •  However, she is then arrested for lying to the gods about her brother’s homosexuality

Where is she?

  • Margaery spends the entire season in King’s Landing
  • Unfortunately for the Tyrell girl, the last part of her season five is spent in the cells

Did you know?

Margaery is now on her third husband, even though her given age is only 21 or 22 in the show.

Brienne of Tarth


What’s she up to?

  • Brienne of Tarth spends season five chasing Sansa Stark, attempting to rescue her
  • However, when she finds her, Sansa refuses her salvation
  • Fortunately, Brienne is made of strong stuff and continues her mission undeterred
  • She is currently perched outside Winterfell, where Sansa has been wed to Ramsay Bolton

Where is she?

  • Accompanied by faithful (if slightly rubbish) squire Podrick, Brienne has toured much of the Riverlands and the North
  • She’s now waiting outside Winterfell for the chance to rescue Sansa Stark

Did you know?

Brienne’s scenes in season five were mostly filmed in Belfast, including a stint around Winterfell Castle.

Winterfell Castle

Just 40 minutes outside of Belfast is the setting for Winterfell Castle (right), the home of the show’s most beloved family, the Starks. Tours around the castle are available, giving you the chance to practise your archery and swordplay, like a real Stark.

belfast collage

Cersei Lannister


What’s she up to?

  • As usual, Cersei is making the most of her time by scheming and plotting against various evils, real and imaginary
  • And offers huge rewards for the head of her little brother Tyrion, after he escapes
  • Disrupting this madness, she gets arrested for her incestuous relationship with cousin Lancel
  • When she admits to her crimes, she is forced to walk through the streets to the Red Keep, naked

Where is she?

  • Cersei spends the whole season in King’s Landing, a city she seldom leaves
  • Sadly some of this is spent in a jail cell or walking naked through the city’s streets

Did you know?

Many of the sights you see in Cersei’s scenes in King’s Landing were filmed in Dubrovnik, including her infamous naked walk through the streets. Check out our guide to Dubrovnik, here.

Streets of Dubrovnik

Although Cersei didn’t have the greatest time walking through the streets of Dubrovnik (centre) with her clothes ripped off and the locals shouting abuse in her face, it’s actually a much more pleasant place to explore for most people. Full of ancient walls and beautiful shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, the charming city is ripe for exploration on foot.

dubrovnik collage

Sansa Stark


What’s she up to?

  • Sansa begins the season leaving the Vale with Littlefinger
  • Trusting Littlefinger (for some reason) she refused the salvation of Brienne of Tarth
  • Sadly, Littlefinger is just taking her to be sold off to Ramsay Bolton
  • She then plots to escape with Reek (Theon Greyjoy), because Ramsay is a psycho

Where is she?

  • Sansa spent most of the season in her childhood home, Winterfell, albeit in unhappy circumstances
  • But the last episode saw her jump off the castle walls into the snow below

Did you know?

Sansa Stark actress, Sophie Turner, adopted the dog who played her direwolf, Lady.

Bran Stark

D1 151-1 x

What’s he up to?

  • Remember Bran? No worries if you don’t, he wasn’t in season five at all
  • But, at the end of season four he had managed to get north of The Wall and found the Three-Eyed Raven
  • After hiding from wildlings, and battling skeleton soldiers
  • Bran is ready to fulfil his destiny as a greenseer and warg, from the comfort of a big tree

Where is he?

  • In a mysterious giant tree which also houses the Three-Eyed Raven and the Children of the Forest
  • But in essence, he is now everywhere and throughout time, past and present – thanks to his new skills

Did you know?

Bran is named for the legendary Bran the Builder who built Winterfell and, legend has it, The Wall

Now, we’re all caught up with season five, it’s time to look forward to the next adventures of all our favourite characters. So what do you reckon will happen this season? Let us know in the comments section below.

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