What to Expect on a Luxury Cruise


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For a holiday that is truly relaxing and fuss-free, nothing can beat the organised nature of cruising. There is always someone on hand to help out and cater to your every need. Is luxury cruising worth all the investment? What are the differences? To help answer these questions, we’ve compiled a guide which investigates the extraordinary lengths that luxury cruises go to that will leave you craving to book!

Personal Service

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Due to the smaller ships creating a more intimate nature for luxury cruising, the level of service is exceptional. Higher crew-to-passenger ratios than usual cruise ships ensure that every passenger is greeted by name, and service is personalised to the individual’s preferences, from your favourite drink in the mini-bar, to the bottle of wine delivered daily in time for sunset. The crew make it their mission to get to know you, what you like and be sure to deliver.

Regular luxury passengers often cite the service as the quality that makes them repeat travellers. For example, stories have been told of crew members taking passengers to different parts of the ship, rather than just directing them, delivering a bottle of wine they enjoyed at dinner to their suite afterwards, and even stocking the mini-bar with treats that aren’t usually served on board. If you’re craving this exceptional level of service and attention to detail, then luxury cruising will be perfect for you.

Indulgent Accommodation

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Forget about interior cabins without a view. Luxury cruising means truly indulgent accommodation. Most luxury cruises offer ocean-view accommodation only, and the majority of staterooms have balconies. So you won’t be missing a single moment of your cruise, whether it’s around the majestic Norwegian Fjords, idyllic paradise islands, or beautiful coastal cities.

The rooms themselves are spacious with extra touches; marble-finished bathrooms, high-end toiletries and top-of-the-range mattresses. Choosing a luxury cruise means you can expect extra details like fresh flowers in your room, indulgent chocolates on your pillow, and a fully stocked mini-bar – all included in the price!

Fine Dining


If you’re a foodie, you can expect all your tastebuds to be delighted on a luxury cruise! Teaming up with renowned chefs to create stunning restaurants, showcase local products, innovative dishes and spectacular à la carte menus. 

Service, of course, is a standout aspect of dining on a luxury cruise. The maître d’ is always on hand to take care of your every request and because dining’s often included in the price (except for a few high-class exceptions), there is no reason why you can’t treat yourself to a range of outstanding cuisines whilst you’re on board.

Exclusive Ports

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Because luxury ships are often smaller, this allows for the opportunity to reach a wider range of ports that their larger counterparts can’t offer. Meaning passengers can visit exclusive ports, bypassing tourists from large cruise ships, and enjoy a more authentic sense of the region. Luxury lines often stay overnight in popular ports, so travellers can enjoy and take part in both day and night shore excursions.

Excursions are often included in luxury cruise prices. Special shore events and all-access trips allow passengers to fully explore and immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of their surroundings. Unlike larger ships, luxury lines regularly feature a special event, such as a gala, reception, theatre visit or sporting event at a famous landmark or city.

More All-Inclusive

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Many cruise deals feature inclusive extras, but these are often restricted. On a luxury cruise, however, there are fewer restrictions:  alcoholic beverages, no matter whether you drink them in the bar or take them from your mini-bar, are all included in the price, for example.

If you have expensive taste and drink nothing but the finest champagne you might find yourself having to pay a little extra, but most people’s tastes will be covered. Gratuities are also included on luxury cruises, so in spite of the outstanding service, you won’t find yourself having to tip every waiter that mixes you a drink. If someone goes above and beyond, however, feel free to show them your gratitude with a little something extra.

Pre and Post-Cruise Pampering

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Bus transportation and long check-in queues will most definitely not be a part of your luxury cruise holiday. Choose from taxis, private cars and other transportation options to get from airport to port. 

Passengers are also usually already checked in on the ship, to save from queuing. This means your holiday will begin, from the moment you arrive! There’s more: the crew member that checks you in will often offer to unpack for you, which can include steaming and ironing clothes and shining shoes. Travelling on a luxury cruise ship means that you can expect the best service, from start to finish. So what’re you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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What to Expect on a Luxury Cruise
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