What is The Best Deck to Choose on a Cruise Ship?


Choosing the perfect deck on-board your cruise is not as easy as it sounds. Certain decks will be busier and noisier than others so it is best to do your research before travelling so you know what to expect.

The main pool deck will usually be the most bustling. There will probably be music playing, lots of people chatting and adults and children splashing about in the pool.


Thankfully, for those who prefer a bit of peace and quiet, Princess Cruises introduced The Sanctuary – an adults-only, exclusive sun deck that is a little oasis for those who want to totally relax. This was the start of several cruise lines incorporating this idea on their own ships. Disney and Royal Caribbean have had adults-only areas for a while, but nothing quite like the spa-like amenities on Princess. If massages, healthy snacks and refreshing drinks are what you are looking for on your cruise then be sure to check that your ship has one of these much-sought after adult areas. Holland America, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line and P&O have all created their own versions of The Sanctuary so there is now more variety than ever for adults on a cruise holiday. You should check if there are any hidden charges for these “serenity” areas as you will need to incorporate this into your holiday budget.

As cruise ships get larger, lines are starting to offer more innovative on-board amenities. Many sun decks now include separate pools for adults and children and some even have water slides. The idea is much more geared towards a holiday resort atmosphere.


If you are a fan of interactive entertainment then take a look at Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruises, as some of their fleet include rope courses, zip lines and surf simulators. Celebrity cruises have real grass lawns on the decks of their newer vessels.

Caribbean Princess was one of the first ships to have an outdoor cinema on one of its decks. This proved so popular that the idea has been rolled out to most of its fleet. The screens offer everything from CNN and World Cup Football games to nighttime movies.

Most cruise lines have poolside dining on their decks too. These are usually pizza or burger-style diners or buffet restaurants that are informal and offer a great quick bite before continuing the wide variety of activities on offer.


For those prone to sea sickness, the decks are great places to get fresh air and relax. Staying below deck for long periods of time or focusing on stable objects (this includes reading a book or looking through binoculars) are not recommended for people who suffer from motion sickness. To ease your symptoms, try to book a cabin that is in the middle of the ship and as low in the ship as possible as this is the part of the ship that will experience the least amount of movement.

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