Week Two Aboard The Cruise Ship


ITV documentary The Cruise Ship eased into second gear this weekend with the airing of episode 2, offering viewers an even more in-depth look into the private lives of crew members aboard the Princess Cruises ship, the Royal Princess.

This week’s episode introduced Deputy Cruise Director Dan and his struggle to nick his boss’ job, and continued to monitor the progress of new girl Kelly as she struggles with being away from her mum and home for the very first time.

After unloading 4,000 passengers in Florida and picking up another 4,000 in one busy day, the Royal Princess was again off on another 7 day cruise around the Caribbean. It is Deputy Dan’s job to ensure that all these people are entertained all day, every day – and he has a secret plan up his sleeve for these lucky passengers.

Away from the traditional cruise ship fare of shuffleboard and buffets, Dan was devising his own game show to be filmed in the ship’s very own on-board TV studio. ‘Hollywood You?’ was the film title guessing game wherein participants are tasked with acting out film titles for passengers to guess.

Much to Dan’s delight, the show was a huge success in front of his boss, Sam, the very person he hopes to replace. One of the passengers enjoyed the show so much, she bought a framed picture of the star of the show – Dan!

Dan’s ambition is fuelled by the desire to move into the larger Cruise Director’s cabin and keep his fiancée Rachel, the on-board Performance Manager, happy.

Away from the fun and frivolity of the game show, new girl Kelly is still struggling with the stresses of being away from her family for the first time. Only the friendship of fellow stylist Lauren and the guidance of Crew Manager Liz keeps her from abandoning ship.

Having been at sea for 7 years, Liz is the Mother Hen of the ship and considers her role to be ensuring that all members of the staff are happy and contented. With this being the first season for the Royal Princess, there are a lot of new staff members and so Liz is anticipating a considerable number of problems to have to cope with.

Passengers were able to enjoy a wide range of different activities aboard the ship with a Mr Sexy Legs competition running by the pool being held simultaneously to an Italian-themed night, ran by Executive Sous Chef Brent. The centrepiece Leaning Tower of Pisa ice sculpture however failed to capture the imaginations of stylists Kelly and Lauren who mistook it for a leaning carrot.

We are now at the halfway point of The Cruise Ship as next week’s episode looks into what the staff get up to when passengers are enjoying excursions.

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