Weather Disrupts Cruise Plans For Many in the UK.



For anyone going on a cruise where they need to fly to the embarktion point, missing their flight or experiencing long delays can be a huge worry. After all, if you’re not there in time for the cruise ship setting sail, it’s not going to wait for you. For many passengers in the UK, and other parts of Europe, this nightmare scenario is becoming all to real as the snow and icey conditions have ground many flights to a halt.
Since the cold snap began a couple of weeks ago, thousands of flights have been either cancelled or delayed with many airports being forced to close altogether. The snow started in the North, but since then has moved down to London, forcing Heathrow, the country’s biggest airport, to cancel all flights (both departures and arrivals) for hours. Other airports are also experiencing major problems, with the midlands hit badly and Scotland suffering the worst as the country has been covered in a blanket of snow for weeks now.
Unfortunately because temperatures are remaining around zero, and lower in many places, the snow isn’t getting the chance to melt which is causing very dangerous icey conditions on the roads and on airport runways. Although many passengers are understandably angry and frustrated at missing their flights, and therefore missing the start of their cruise, passenger safety has to come first.
Many of those booked onto cruises have reported simply giving up on their cruise plans. With no end in sight to the bad weather, and a backlog of flights piling up, it is unlikely that they will make it to the ship in time to enjoy their holiday. For those who have booked a fly-cruise and are worried about your flights, you should get in contact with your travel agent, and ring the airport before making your way there. If you have travel insurance, you could be eligible to claim your money back for both the cruise and the flights.
It is times like these that we are reminded why people book their flights in a package with their cruise, rather than arranging everything themselves and saving a few bucks. If things go wrong, the cruise line will try all they can to get you on that ship. If things go wrong and you booked your own flights, then unfortunately, you are on your own and if you don’t have the time/resources to chase the ship, you will miss your cruise altogether.

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