Volcano Erupts in Iceland…. Again!


Last year, Iceland’s most active volcano – Grimsvotn caused a lot of problems for travellers all over the world. However, after settling down, things soon got back to normal and air travel in the region was resumed. Worryingly though, the volcano has started to erupt again.

Experts are telling us not to worry at this point. It isn’t unusual for volcanoes in Iceland to have minor eruptions which don’t cause any problems and for now, it looks as though that will be the case this time.

After the eruptions in 2011, people are obviously worried and certainly anyone going on a cruise where they need to fly to their embarktion point will be a bit concerned about this news and hoping for the best.

So far, only the area immediately surrounding Grimsvotn has been closed off to air traffic and this isn’t a zone which planes tend to travel through anyway so disruption really is minor. We are following the news about this and will update if it does become more serious.

So for now, look forward to your cruise holiday because as it stands, it should all go without a hitch!


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