Two Brand New Cruise Ships for Princess


Princess Cruises have just signed a contract for two huge new cruise ships to be built, each one worth hundreds of millions of pounds. The two ships have not yet been named but they are expected to weigh in at around 141,000 tonnes each.

Each of the new ships will have the capacity to hold up to 3,600 passengers, and they will be built by Fincantieri, the Italian shipyard responsible for many other ships belonging to the Princess Cruises fleet.

The Ruby Princess is currently the newest addition to the fleet, and came at a price of £330 million, the two new ships will be even larger than the Ruby Princess and no doubt considerably more expensive too!

It is as of yet unclear as to where the two new ships will be based, although it is likely that they will be in the UK or the USA. It is hoped however, that at least one of the new additions will be based at Southampton, a port where the cruise line has enjoyed great success.

The ships are scheduled to be ready in the early 2013 and early 2014 and they will no doubt include some fantastic, headline grabbing new features – as well as keeping in with the style and theme of other ships in the Princess Cruises fleet.

The little information that has been released about the ships so far informs us that all of the outside cabins will have balconies, there will be more entertainment and restaurant options available, as well as a larger health spa and more on board shops.


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