The Traveller’s Guide to the Caribbean


Everything you imagine about the Caribbean is true. From their kind and welcoming nature, flavourful food, unimaginably beautiful islands decorated with golden-white beaches and turquoise waters. This relaxing pace of life will ensure that the Caribbean will be a holiday of a lifetime.

Each island represents its own diverse and vibrant cultural characteristics. With an assurance of 365 days of sunshine – it’s no wonder why the Caribbean is the world’s most popular and best-loved cruise destinations ready for you to explore. Discover the colonial majesty of San Juan in Puerto Rico and Bridgetown in Barbados to the laid-back vibes of Grenada and Curaçao; there’s a world of exploration to be undertaken in the Caribbean Sea.

Whatever reason you’re wanting to learn more about the Caribbean, we’re here to help! We’ve comprised a comprehensive guide to the region combining destination guides with in-depth articles looking at various aspects of Caribbean culture. We’ve even provided all the information you’ll need to prepare for your exploration of this paradisial part of the world.

Caribbean Destination Guides

So much more than copycat paradise islands one after another, each of the destinations visited in the Caribbean Sea has its own distinct personality, culture and experiences to enjoy. Here, we’ve provided destination guides to many of the delightful cities, regions and islands visited by cruise ships – shining a light on highlights and experiences of note.

havana city guide

The Top Things to Do in Havana

Cuba’s delightful capital has retained all of its charm, and is rightly earning a reputation as one of the most exciting and interesting destinations in the Caribbean. From exploring the nation’s communist history to sampling the cigars renowned as the best the world over; there’s a whole host of things to enjoy in Havana which are outside the traditional Caribbean beach holiday experience.

montego city guide

The Top Things to Do in Montego Bay

We run through the very best things to see and do during a trip to one of Jamaica’s most popular destinations, Montego Bay. When it comes to soaking the rays, there are few finer spots than this small cruise port resort in the north west corner of Jamaica.

barbados travel guide

The Top Things to Do in Barbados

The most ‘British’ of the Caribbean islands, Barbados is a curious mix of golden-beached paradise and little Britain. Whether you wish to explore the colonial history of the island, or simply lay your towel down on some of the most beautiful beaches the Caribbean Sea has to offer, you can do it all in Barbados.

san juan city guide

The Top Things to Do in San Juan

Charmingly and irresistibly Spanish, the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan is one of the most unforgettable locations in the Caribbean. Guarded by a 16th-century citadel and a set of ancient city walls; San Juan opens up into a delightful old town. Vibrant coloured houses, bars and restaurants line the wonderful streets, taking you back 500 years into the past when this unique island was under Spanish rule.

guide to bahamas islands

The Insider’s Guide to the Islands in the Bahamas

More than 700 islands make up the Bahamas, most of them tiny and uninhabited (save for the wildlife plodding around), but some make up the most beautiful islands in the entire Caribbean Sea. Rather than researching each of the 700 plus islands one-by-one, our insider’s guide introduces the destinations and sights you simply cannot miss.

Our guide covers what to see and do whilst cruising around the Bahamas, perfect for those stepping onto this delightful archipelago for the very first time.

guide to music and dance in the caribbean

Infographic: A Quick-Step Guide to the Music and Dance of the Caribbean

Music and dance are both central to life in the Caribbean, and the islanders know how to celebrate. These small islands have had a disproportionately large influence on music and dance around the world with many of our favourite musical genres and dance moves originating from this part of the world. To celebrate the Caribbean love of music and dance, we have created an infographic guide to everything you need to know about this wonderful culture.

must try caribbean dishes

8 Dishes You Need to Try on Your Trip to the Caribbean

The Caribbean culinary trail is an absolute melting pot of different cultures clashing in the most delicious manner. From curried goat to chicken split, Caribbean cuisine is a big hit back home in the UK, but the islands of the Caribbean Sea have more than a few tricks up their sleeve to wow and amaze visitors.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite dishes which we reckon everyone should sample during a cruise through the Caribbean islands, from old favourites to unusual surprises.

caribbean beach

Cruise Miss’ Caribbean Beach Days

Our good friend, Cruise Miss AKA Danielle Fear, shares her love of spending days on end soaking up the sun’s rays atop Caribbean beaches. She runs through just a few of her favourite beaches lapped by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, sharing exactly what makes each of these sandy stretches extra special. As an experienced traveller, Cruise Miss is a trusted well of information if you’re looking to book a beach-centric cruise around the Caribbean.

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The Traveller’s Guide to the Caribbean
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The Traveller’s Guide to the Caribbean
Few places in the world are as awe-inspiring as the islands of the Caribbean. With palm tree-flanked beaches, azure waters and rich cultures, it's no surprise this part of the world is one of the most popular all-time destinations for cruise-goers. Here's everything you need to know about this slice of paradise.
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