Travel Insurance for Cruise Holidays


Booking travel insurance is one of those annoying jobs so many of us forget to do on the eve of our holidays. And unless your travels are covered by another insurance plan, it is vitally important that that you secure adequate travel insurance before you depart.

You’ll also notice when choosing travel insurance, that many plans enquire as to whether you’ll be aboard a cruise ship. Visiting multiple destinations across various countries and even continents, requires extra layers of insurance and protection – so insurance providers create more bespoke plans for cruise holidaymakers.

If it all feels a little overwhelming when booking travel insurance, worry not – we have created this simple to follow video guide to picking the right plan for you and your family. As part of our healthy travel video series, we’re hoping to help keep you safe and healthy as you enjoy voyaging on the seas.

So, as you can see, it’s not really the difficult process it is made out to be by some parties and providers. And then you can rest in the confidence that you, your family and all your baggage is protected for the duration of the trip.

This entry is just one in a series of video cruise health guides we have produced, helping you all enjoy an active and amazing holiday experience. Please check out the other videos below.

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Now that you’re all clued up about securing the very best travel insurance deal aboard your next cruise, why not get the cruise booked in? At Cruise1st, we stock a huge range of deals on cruises travelling to every corner of the globe. Check out the massive selection, here.

Alternatively, if you still have any questions regarding health insurance or any aspects of travelling in good health, please contact our dedicated team on 0808 2746 777.

Travel Insurance for Cruising
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Travel Insurance for Cruising
Worried about your travel insurance? Cruise1st clear a few things up with this helpful advice video.

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