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Taking a cruise holiday has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK travel market for a number of years. Yet many people have preconceptions about having a holiday on the waves, however, once they’ve experienced it they seem to be hooked for life.
With approximately a staggering 10 million people per year jumping on board a cruise liner it leaves some of us wondering what it is that is so extraordinary that more and more people are deciding to trade in their 5* beach resort holidays for.  I have decided to try and get an insight to the reasons why cruises have become so popular amongst the public in the past ten years and why they are now the preferred and most luxurious way to spend a relaxing get away.
I am going to research the five most frequent questions asked by people who are interested in going on a Cruise but are a bit apprehensive. So lets start with the most obvious one which people are feeling uneasy about first:

Are cruises safe?

Anybody who has been debating booking on a cruise for summer 2012 has probably been easily swayed this week to reconsider his or her decision since watching the news. Despite this, people are more at risk when travelling in a car than being on a cruise. Cruises are regularly monitored and have to show the highest standard of health and safety before even being considered to leave the port. There is always trained medical staff on board and most cruises now have all the top of the range equipment to ensure the experience is a care free and safe one.

Will I get seasick if I go on a cruise?

It is possible for you to experience seasickness on board the cruise, as there could be a day where the sea is rough. However, the majority of itineraries sail through calm waters for example, if you chose to go on a predominantly Caribbean Cruise or Mediterranean Cruise it is not likely that you’ll encounter rough waters.

Do you have to be rich to go on a cruise?

One of the biggest preconceptions people have about cruises is that they are predominantly just for people with a six figure salary. This is not the case. Cruise liners have now been adapted to try and accommodate people of all ages, who have different holiday budgets and all of which want to visit various Cruise Destinations. Yes, you can get round the world cruises, which can be up to £50,000; however with the average cost of a cruise coming in at £1,000 and with websites such as Cruise1st giving you the option to see  “Cruise deals” from £599 it shows that they don’t have to be expensive.

Cruise ships are for older people and I want to go away with my family?

It is true that older people like cruises, although since growing in popularity the average age in the UK has dropped to 40 years old and the USA average is even lower.  This is primarily because the cruise ships are being made more modern, which therefore attracts a younger market, whereas older people usually stick to the more traditional cruises. There is even an “Orlando Stay and Cruise” which families are often drawn to as it features some of the best theme parks, shopping malls and golf courses in the world which is perfect for a family holiday, jam-packed with fun things to do!

Will I feel claustrophobic on a cruise?

Cruises work extremely hard on making sure that people do not feel claustrophobic on board as this is a deciding factor when looking into booking on a cruise. The cruises are designed to cater to your every need; for example, they would ensure there were some quiet places to go and chill out if you wanted some space yet also some places that were jam packed with entertainment with a buzzing atmosphere. As mentioned, researching the right cruise for you is important and it varies for different people. If this is a big concern maybe try looking at the smaller cruises with only a few hundred people rather to thousands.


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