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First time cruisers are often awe-struck at the sheer size of luxury cruise liners and the vast array of activities on board. As the fastest growing sector of the holiday industry, there are evermore holidaymakers experiencing this wondrous awe.  And yet, there are still people concerned that there are not enough activities aboard these floating resorts to keep all the family entertained and interested.

Here we will explore some of the finest and most unique activities available on board the world’s best loved liners for all the family.

For Kids

The creation of the Disney Cruise Line in 1995 signified a strong push by the entire industry to strengthen the appeal to families and passengers of all ages. Now operating four cruise ships, there is a strong focus on keeping the youngest charges entertained, ensuring the whole family retains peace of mind.

All of the Disney ships host a number of Broadway-style shows with the company’s beloved characters. Disney’s back catalogue of family films play throughout the ship in various locations. The ship also plays host to a number of parties to which Disney’s most popular character attend, as well as themed, oversized playrooms.

The company is also incredibly focussed on ensuring that the old children and teenagers are not forgotten with the inclusion of Vibe – a club for teens including videogames, music, internet access and a variety of social activities.

Disney - Loren Javier

For Teenagers

Often considered to be a problematic market for all holiday companies, teenagers seldom want to spend time with their family and seem almost impossible to please at times.

The Oasis Class of ships from Royal Caribbean have found a way of tackling this issue by simply providing the platform for teenagers to enjoy themselves but leaving them to their own devices. Providing a wide range of activities for the teens without strict timetabling ensures that they can enjoy the organised activities whilst retaining a sense of independence.

The Oasis class of ships include teen-focussed activities such as the FlowRider surf simulator, Scratch DJ Academy, teen casino and spa treatments aimed specifically at the age group. The megaships are also so large that teenagers will appreciate the ability to spend time independent of their parents.

For Young Couples

Young couples who love soaking up the culture of city breaks and exploring new civilisations can benefit from the fantastically varied itineraries of many of the world’s cruises. The huge benefit of cruise holidays for this demographic is being effortlessly transported to a great array of destinations.

The MS Rotterdam’s Africa Explorer takes in a number of fantastic excursions in Europe and Africa including the culturally significant cities of Athens, Haifa, Jerusalem and Petra, as well as the stunning Abu Dhabi.

Satisfying the tastes of explorers and inquisitive minds, the MS Rotterdam plays host to a wide range of international restaurants and bars serving a fantastic cuisine and drink selection. With a grill restaurant containing an internationally-lauded wine menu, the culture and sophistication is not limited to the excursions on this cruise.

Athens - Pedro Szekely

For Seniors

The Fred Olsen Canadian Fall is an elegant cruise taking in spectacular sights, combing fantastic excursions with on-board luxury. Named for the Scottish home of the Royal Family, the Fred Olsen Balmoral is smaller than most modern cruise ships with a maximum capacity of 1,300 guests. This helps create a more personal feel and slower pace throughout the ship, ensuring a ‘no-rush’ atmosphere.

Capitalising on the stunning sights that are afforded on the Canadian Fall cruise, the ship has a number of locations to take in the seascapes including the comfortable pub, complete with live music and comedy, and the Observatory Lounge.

The Balmoral is complete with a comprehensive medical centre, ensuring that there constantly doctors and nurses on call to cope with any medical problems.

P&O - Simply Luxuy Travel

For Foodies

Food lovers of all ages are often spoilt for choice on cruise ships with the wide range of all-inclusive restaurants available.

The largest cruise companies all manage to attract the best known and most respected chefs from around the world, but P&O truly took the crown when they appointed Marco Pierre White as their head chef.

As the youngest chef to receive three Michelin stars, Marco Pierre White has built a reputation as one of the world’s best loved chefs and TV personalities. White trained, amongst others, Gordon Ramsay before joining P&O Cruises.

White operates the Café Jardin on the P&O Oceana, Café Bordeaux on the P&O Aurora and the Ocean Grill on P&O Adonia.

Food - Brian O'Donovan

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: BrianODonovan, Loren Javier, Pedro Szekely, Simply Luxuy Travel


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