The Importance of Keeping Cool! Part 2


5) Wear a hat! Not everyone has the kind of face that suits a hat, although I have always been told I am a hat-person… but you should consider it if you want to stay cooler. A wide brimmed hat will keep the sun of your face, not only protecting the delicate skin on your face but also making you feel a bit shaded and cooler.

6) Be extra careful in the water! I have been on many cruises before where we have stopped at a beach destination and everyone jumps in the sea and feels instantly cooler and refreshed. Well, you may feel cool, but that doesn’t mean the sun is any less strong, and it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t get burnt. Keep covered up and if you are in the sea for any amount of time, wear an old t-shirt to protect yourself and stop for regular drinks.

7) Don’t get too energetic! When you’re on a cruise, you might only be stopping in a destination for a few hours so it makes sense that you want to see as much of that place as possible. Unfortunately though, this can cause you to get heat stroke and faint as you increase your body temperature even further. If you need to get around, consider using air conditioned taxis – they may cost more but you will have a chance to recover from the heat.

8) Finally, keep an eye on the kids! If you are travelling with children, the chances are that they won’t really be keeping an eye on their skin or worrying about dehydrating. Being a parent means that you have to do this for them! Children’s skin is particularly sensitive to the sun, and young children aren’t great at regulating their temperature so make sure they are kept in the shade or indoors when it’s very hot outside.

Stick to this advice and your can have a safe, sunny cruise!


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Martin has worked in the travel industry for the past 12 years, starting as a tour operator selling luxury 5* holidays and becoming a cruise specialist for Cruise 1st in 2008.

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