The Cruise Ship Makes a Paradise Pit Stop


This week’s episode of ITV documentary The Cruise Ship saw crew and passengers stretch their legs off the ship for a luxury day’s stay on the Princess Cays. And whilst the passengers were able to relax on the golden beaches, the trip just meant more work for the tireless cruise staff as they organised events and a BBQ buffet for 2,000 guests.

Traditionally known as the more demanding day of the cruise; this was the first time the Royal Princess visited the Princess Cays, making it important that the organisation and the logistics were watertight.

200 Tonnes of Burgers & Booze

We joined the crew as the Royal Princess was cruising around The Bahamas and the kitchen team were ready to transport 200 tonnes of food and booze onto the Princess Cays. Nerves were frayed as Brent and Food & Beverage Manager Tim knew it was up to them to ensure 2,000 people received their burgers and chicken wings, and booze.

Despite getting inexplicably lost on the tiny island in a golf buggy, the fraternal relationship of Tim and Brent, and their dedicated workforce (mostly the latter) ensured all guests got their fill of BBQ food.


Princess Cays - Derek Hatfield

Passengers were understandably keen to use the opportunity on the beach to work off the burgers and wings with a range of games in the sea and sun including volleyball, paddle boarding and a bemusing round of the Easter favourite Egg Tossing. Alongside the organised sport was some frankly terrible dancing.

Undercover Captain

Meanwhile Hotel Manager Dirk and assistant Dennis decided to use the excursion as an opportunity to spy on their staff. Replacing their crisp whites for vests and caps, the duo went undercover to make sure their staff represented Princess Cruises in the best possible manner.

Their fantastically-formulated plan was soon undone however as Dirk was clocked immediately, with a member of staff recognising him and welcoming him with a “hi boss”. The excellently formulated plan continued to be foiled until the pair decided to just go for a drink instead – their first success on Princess Cays.

Princess Cays 3 - Derek Hatfield

There was no such rest for Tim and Brent however, as soon as the buffet was cleared by the ravenous Islanders, the two had to make their way back to the ship to prepare the evening’s formal lobster meal. The formal night is complete with singer George having a croon, fresh from a day aboard the ship by himself.

As passengers doubled up on lobster, George turned his attention to Canadian pair Mary-Ann and Margy – flirting shamelessly.

Next week’s episode will be the last of the series, with tearful farewells abound.

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Derek Hatfield


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