Taylor Swift Performs on Allure of the Seas


Well, you heard about it here first – for months now, Taylor Swift has been planning a live concert aboard Royal Caribbean‘s fabulous Allure of the Seas ship. The concert was one of the most widely anticipated shows to take place on the seas, and as expected, it went down a storm with guests onboard the ship.

Taylor was wowed by the response from the crowd, and many travelers on the ship had adorned their balconies (and themselves) with Taylor Swift memorabilia, making the singer feel very welcome.

The singer has won multiple awards for her musical talent and when it was announced that she would be performing onboard Allure of the Seas, thousands tried to win tickets to get a front row seat at the concert.

The concert was performed in the open air AquaTheater where the atmosphere was said to be breathtaking. Even Taylor herself was amazed by the presence of her fans on the cruise ship, who were all around her, in the theater and on their balconies, listening to her fantastic music.

With the concert going down so well both in the media, and with the guests onboard the cruise, it is likely that more stars will be taking to the seas in future to perform a once in a lifetime show like the one that Taylor put on.


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