Talented musicians to perform onboard new ‘emerging artists’ cruises with Crystal Cruises.


Onboard two of its Northern Europe cruises, which A range of amazing live musical performances have been announced by the cruise line Crystal Cruises.

will sail in summer 2013, holidaymakers will be able to watch live performances from young musicians who are already making waves in the world music scene! The inclusion of these fantastic musical performances is in continuation of Crystal Cruises’ collaboration with the Music Centre of Los Angeles’ Spotlight Programme.

The Performers:

Crystal Symphony Iceland will be hosting several of these young musicians during its voyage from Reykjavik to Southampton. These include Tim Callobre, the Flamenco guitarist, the flautist Sarah Johnson and the vocalist Geoffrey Hahn, who will play a number of popular blues and jazz numbers to enraptured audiences. And even more excitingly for music lovers, Karen Morrow, the famous Broadway personality will also be taking a vocal performance master class onboard the ship.

Crystal Serenity has equally fantastic acts booked to perform during its voyage. For passengers who love classical music, the Opera singer Sean Plumb, the classically trained Opera singer and the pianist Tianpeng Yu will be performing a range of diverse music onboard. For dance lovers, the ballet dancers Charlie Anderson and Shelby Elsbree will be performing operatic and classical dance pieces. And as with the Crystal Symphony, a master class will be held by Francine Kessler-Lavac, the famous ballet mistress. This is something that ballet lovers can’t possibly miss!

“Like Crystal, the Music Centre has been a pre-eminent leader in its field for decades, with the highest standard for talent and a reputation for excellence…When you consider the extraordinary stages these young artists have performed upon already, and the growing success sure to come in their futures, we’re thrilled to have them playing exclusively for Crystal guests en route to the top.”

— Christopher Escamilla, Crystal’s manager, production operations and entertainment integration.

The Cruise Itineraries

The 11 night ‘Emerging Artists’ cruise will begin on 4 June and start with an overnight stay in Reykjavik. The ship will then sail to Heimaey, Tórshavn, Ǻlesun, Hellesylt, Bergen, Eidfjord and Stavanger. The final stop for this cruise is Southampton.

The itinerary of the 10 night cruise is an overnight stop in Copenhagen, followed by stops in Berlin, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg and Tallinn. The final stop on this cruise in Stockholm and the ship will set sail on 15 June.

About Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises was founded in 1988 and is famous for its two high-end ships, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. The two ships hold approximately 1000 passengers and aims to provide a luxury experience for all holidaymakers. Beyond providing a fantastic holiday atmosphere and an unforgettable experience, Crystal Cruises also collaborates with humanitarian organisations and promotes Green friendly operations. For example, the ‘Crystal Clean’ programme aims to hit several environmental targets in realisation that the natural world needs to be preserved. With its dedication to corporate responsibility and its dedication to passenger care, Crystal Cruises is a line that stands out among its competitors.


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