The Strangest Reasons Preventing People from taking Cruises


There are plenty of misconceptions about cruises permeated by those who have yet to experience the splendours of holidaying on the high seas. Many of these are regarding the anticipated formality of the trips and the limited appeal to certain age groups. These misconceptions have been largely dashed by the evolving cruise industry and the increasing range of activities and excursions available.

However, there are some excuses for refusing to cruise that cannot be disproven with simple logic and great cruise deals. Here are some of Cruise1st’s favourites from a recent survey asking people why they would not cruise.

A Fear of Mermaids

A young woman involved in the survey claimed that she was deathly afraid of mermaids and other mythical sea creatures, making it impossible for her to take to the seas. The closest to a mythical half-human, half-fish beast that cruise passengers are likely to encounter is Ariel the Little Mermaid on a Disney Cruise – hardly the most threatening of creatures.

Little Mermaid - Frank Kovalchek

Ghosts of the Past

One person surveyed revealed that his son had a fear that all ships were haunted by the spirits of the deceased. This fear was born from watching a film depicting a haunted ship with an age rating above his maturity.

The Old Testament Sea Monster

One respondent was so terrified of the biblical sea monster, The Leviathan, that he could not even consider taking a cruise. Sometimes depicted as a giant fish, sometimes as a dragon and sometimes as a giant squid-type thing; The Leviathan now only makes intermittent appearances in songs by Swedish metal bands rather than bothering cruise ships and their passengers.

Blackbeard Invasion

A fear of being invaded by Blackbeard, Captain Morgan and even Jack Sparrow has put one man surveyed off taking a cruise holiday for good. The man’s fear that a rag-tag team of pirates overthrowing a few thousand people in a behemoth cruise ship seems somewhat unfounded.

Pirates - kris krug

A Ship Possessed

So convinced that she and her husband were cursed, a woman surveyed refused to take a cruise. The couple were adamant that bad luck followed them around whenever they holidayed together. Thoughtfully, they did not want to endanger other passengers with their perceived curse.

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