Staying Safe in the Sun on a Cruise


As well as being incredible painful; sunburn can cause long-term problems and increase the chance of developing the most serious form of skin cancer: melanoma.

With a number of destinations and temperatures travelled to, and with traditionally less cloud cover at sea; it is all the more important for everyone holidaying aboard a cruise ship to be wary about staying safe in the sun.

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Travel with a Range of Factors

A cruise from Southampton around the Mediterranean will take you through a range of different temperatures, necessitating different sun cream factors. Furthermore, the long days of sun aboard a cruise means that it may be beneficial to use a high factor during the peak of the day’s heat.

It is also worth taking into account how long you and the family are likely to be spending in the sun. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of the sun cream boosts your tolerance of the sun by that amount. For example, if your skin can traditionally tolerate 10 minutes of the sun, applying SPF 20 will give your skin roughly 200 minutes of sun tolerance (3 hours, 20 minutes).

There is a temptation to use lower factors as the holiday progresses, but it is not realistic to expect the skin to increase tolerance so rapidly. It is advisable to lower your factor slowly and only slightly.

Just Because You’re not Sunbathing Doesn’t Mean You’re Exempt

Many cruise ships have a vast array of upper deck activities that passengers love. Whether you are playing crazy golf or enjoying a drink in an exposed lounge, the sun’s rays can still damage your skin. Ensure that you are well-covered and have applied sufficient sun cream, even if you aren’t sunbathing.

People using the on-board swimming pool should also consider using a water-proof sun cream, paying particular attention to the areas of the body traditionally held above the water – face, neck and shoulders.

Keep the Kids Covered

The skin of children traditionally is more prone to burning than that of adults as it has yet to build up any resistance. This makes it all the more important to keep them well covered at all times. A wide brimmed hat can protect their head face and neck. Long-sleeved tops and long-legged trousers can also protect them against the potentially damaging rays of the run.

High factor sun creams developed specifically for children can be purchased to help keep their skin protected.

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Your Hair Needs Protecting Too

The one part of the person which gets neglected more than any other is the hair, with sun-worshippers simply forgetting that their locks need sun care. Not only will sun protection for hair prevent the onset of colour fade and dryness but it will also help protect the scalp.

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy your cruise holiday without any irritation or ill-effects.

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