Some calls to resume to Egypt following protests


It’s seemed like a long wait for any cruises to be resumed to Egypt following the violent protests, but Thomson cruises have announced that their normal Nile River cruises will go ahead from 23rd February. Excursions to Cairo are still suspended, but Red Sea cruises will return from 3rd March.

Unfortunately Thomson are the only cruise line to resume service at the moment, although it’s worth keeping an eye on the other cruise lines on a day to day basis as developments are fairly regular at the moment. Although the U.S Department of State has not lifted any restrictions, the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office is no longer warning against travel to Luxor, although still warning against Alexandria, Cairo and Suez.

Lines who have currently cancelled calls include Azamara, MSC and Royal Caribbean and it’s looking like they will remain cancelled until at least April, but cruise lines have all stated that things are open to change depending on the progress with the situation.

So some good news at last for those wishing to travel to Egypt, but sadly while the situation remains unstable everything must be taken on a day to day basis, so keep checking. And it is still advised to contact your travel agent before booking anything in Egypt, just to make sure that your cruise will definitely go ahead.


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