How Solo Travellers Can Make the Most of a Cruise Holiday


Complete relaxation and self-indulgence are never more achievable than when holidaying alone. Without having to compromise with family or friends, or have to face the responsibilities of everyday life; a solo trip can allow you to be a little bit selfish and do exactly what you want to do at every step and every turn.
However, the prospect of travelling alone may be a little intimidating for first time solo holidaymakers – concerned they may get bored or lonely on their travels. So, here we have put together a guide for solo travellers looking to take a cruise holiday, helping them get make the absolute most of their trip atop the seas.

Check for Single Cabins


Understandably, it is often more affordable to book a single cabin than a large double or family suite – so checking for one-person accommodation could be a great money-saver when booking the holiday. This clever little saving can help your holiday budget stretch further so you may be able to afford to go a little further afield or stay atop the seas for a couple of extra nights.
The growing popularity of cruising solo has led to many cruise lines increasing the number of single cabins aboard their ships. As recently as last year, Cunard’s flagship vessel Queen Mary 2 was treated to 15 extra single occupancy cabins.

Consider an Adults-Only Cruise

Assuming we’re talking exclusively to adults here, we reckon that solo travellers may appreciate the atmosphere aboard an adults-only cruise. Not only is there less chance of having your quiet time interrupted by a little tearaway having a bit too much fun on holiday, much more of the ship’s activities will be adult-focussed.
The P&O Arcadia is amongst the world’s premier cruise ships which only cater for those above the age of 18.

Control the Itinerary

Many cruise lines allow you to pick where you embark and disembark from the route of the journey. If you only fancy the first leg of a cruise, that’s all you have to do – and as a solo traveller, you are the boss. Controlling the itinerary helps ensure you get maximum value for your holiday budget – ensuring you only visit only the places which tickle you fancy, and no others.
This is particularly great for those who are looking forward to the port visits and excursions.

Research Excursions

cruise excursion

Talking of excursions, there’s a whole world of port visit trips to enjoy – so it’s a good idea to research what you fancy doing before taking to the seas. Specialist services such as Cruising Excursions provide a huge range of organised trips and tours in destinations all around the world.
Whether you fancy visiting a big tourist site or exploring the region’s hidden gems; a guided tour from a specialist can help you make the most of the experience.

Time the Treatments

If you fancy a little beauty treatment whilst on the cruise, it may be a good idea to check the pricing plans of the spas. Many cruise ships offer cut-price services when the ship is in port, so if there is an excursion that does not particularly excite you, then it may be the very best time to book a little R&R.
Cruise ship spas have evolved dramatically over the past decade or so, with facilities and services to rival the world’s premier retreats and resorts – perfect for making your relaxing solo trip a little bit more relaxing.

Learn Something New

wine tasting

Without any interference, a solo cruise could be the perfect time to learn a new skill. From art classes to sommelier-led wine tasting courses; the major cruise lines offer an almost endless list of courses for you to enjoy and enrich yourself.
In a no-pressure environment with access to the knowledge of industry experts, you may finally learn that skill you’d always fancied your hand at trying – something to show off to friends and family upon your return.
So if you fancy taking to the seas on a solo voyage, the Cruise1st team will help you put together your perfect trip. For more info and a great range of deals, visit our homepage or call our dedicated team on 0808 2746 777.

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