Smellology – By Default Or Design?


People are becoming more enlightened into the science related smells and the affects they can have on well-being. ‘Scratch and sniff’ has been around for many years, along with the associations that specific smells can induce hunger or in the extreme some smells can make them feel physically sick!

Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC, have plans to infuse their ships with a variety of different fragrances, which include figs and almonds, to make up a signature fragrance for their cruise ships.

The signature fragrance is being used to enhance passenger’s well-being by having fragranced air which reminds them of the Mediterranean, using the same methodology and in-trend ideas of fragranced hotels which are being seen in many major cities to enhance guests senses and memories of pleasurable experiences.

It has been reported that the fragrance will be dispersed via the air conditioning as well as being infused into toiletries, table linen, bedding and towels. This announcement by MSC Cruises arrives just two months after the luxury line Silversea have reported that their next ship, the Silver Spirit, would have a ‘menu of scents’ which can be diffused through passenger’s cabin on request.

The Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto has designed three different fragrances for Silversea’s passengers; Oltre which has been designed to evoke the boundless seas; Albi made for de-stressing with the familiar scent of lavender and Fiori d’Arancio an orange-infused fragrance which is claimed to have a calming affect.

Passenger’s may find these scents more pleasurable than the usual overpowering smell of suntan lotion or the ship’s engine rooms, however maybe it’s these smells which people have come to recognise which evoke memories of their cruising holidays?


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