Shining the Spotlight on Silversea’s Exotic New Destinations


Since launching its debut vessel back in 1994 Silversea has become synonymous with luxury, exoticism and utterly extravagant on-board experiences. Now, the line has upped the ante by adding no less than 19 new ports and shore excursion destinations to its 2016 itineraries.

“For travellers seeking exclusive journeys to landmark destinations as well as the world’s most exotic lands, tiny isles, and less-travelled waterways, Silversea is offering an unprecedented array of voyage options in 2016,” reads a press release issued by Silversea.

Kristian Anderson, Silversea’s senior vice president and general manager for the Americas, explained that the new destinations and experiences are all part of the line’s commitment to offering passengers an utterly unique cruising experience. “Traditional cruise enthusiasts will find our five ocean-going ships offer a diverse array of travel choices, including itineraries with multi-day calls and overnight stays, many of which can be combined without repeating ports to create unique and enriching travel experiences. And for thrill-seeking adventure travellers, our expedition cruises offer unsurpassed opportunities to discover the amazing natural and cultural treasures of the world’s most remote regions,” she says.

To celebrate the new additions to 2016 Silversea itineraries we’ve put together a list of spectacular destinations that have caught our eye. Sit back, relax and start daydreaming!

Le Marin, Martinique – Mauritius

Is there anything quite as paradisiacal as the azure waters of Mauritius? We think not! Le Marin is one of the country’s most resplendent hidden gems, boasting a magnificent peninsula strewn with sandy bays, turquoise waters and blissful peace and quiet. A day trip to the iridescent lagoon and mangrove forest is a must, while foodies will love sampling local Creole cuisine at the many hip eateries around town.

le marin

Summerside, Prince Edward Island – Canada

Located in the heart of Prince Country, this tiny seaside village is just a stone’s throw from the second largest city in the province yet still manages to retain its small-town charm. The modern waterfront, tree lined streets and grand heritage homes make it wonderfully easy on the eye, and there are plenty of cute cafes for passengers to explore.

Rockland, Maine – USA

This coastal town was settled in 1796 and has a rich history as one of the USA’s key shipbuilding centres. Today, passengers will love the city’s vibrant sociocultural diversity which features a blend of traditional diners, hip Bohemian cafes and trendy bistros alongside art galleries, museums and charming old-fashioned storefronts.

Shimizu, Tokachi – Japan

Located in the Suntō District of Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimizu offers passengers a unique glimpse at small town Japanese existence. It’s renowned as one of the country’s most scenic ports, with fantastic views of nearby Mount Fuji. The population is just 32,145 which gives it a lovely intimate feel. Pay visit to the unique Shimizu Sushi Museum, hit up the Ferris wheel or simply stroll the waterfront.

Rijeka and Rab Island – Croatia

Immerse yourself in Mediterranean bliss on this pair of Croatian islands that are nothing short of idyllic. Sample freshly caught seafood at local cafes, soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches, sail the crystal waters on a yacht tour and more! Adventure buffs can hit up Rab’s bike and trekking trails that weave through oak and pine woods while the streets of Rijeka are the perfect place to pick up a handmade souvenir or two.

rab island

Bremerhaven, Bremen – Germany

Quite simply, Bremerhaven is the stuff that maritime dreams are made of. The sleek, glass based waterfront gives it an on-trend modern vibe and the German Emigration Centre makes for a fascinating daytime activity. Kids will love the museum and zoo while a trip to the nearby Schaufenster Fischereihafen fishing harbour is a great way to spend the morning.

Ullapool, Scottish Highlands –Scotland

Rugged and remote, Ullapool offers passengers picturesque views of glistening Loch Broom and its surrounding hillsides. It’s celebrated as one of the most magical places in the Scottish Highlands, with pretty whitewashed cottages peppering the harbour. Sample the region’s famous fish and don’t forget to check out the handful of independent galleries.

Kalmar, Småland  – Sweden

Home to one of Sweden’s most impressive castles, Kalmar is a great new addition to the Silversea 2016 itinerary. The cobbled streets of the Gamla Stan old town are strewn with cosy cafes and boutiques while the fairy tale turrets, hidden passages and fully functional drawbridge of Kalmar Slott are sure to impress kids and adults alike!

kalmar slott

Gough Island, Saint Helena – UK

This volcanic island may be a British overseas territory but its South Atlantic Ocean location gives it an utterly isolated feel. Nature lovers will appreciate its listing as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gough and Inaccessible Islands, as well as its reputation as one of the world’s most remote places with a constant human presence.

Aldabra Atoll – Seychelles

As the second largest coral atoll on the planet this UNESCO World Heritage listed island offers cruise passengers a kaleidoscope of underwater attractions. Its waters and shores are practically untouched by humans which leaves local wildlife to thrive. Spot Aldabra giant tortoises cruising through the ocean, marvel at the jewel like colours of the coral reefs, encounter the mammoth coconut crab and attempt to spot the rare Aldabra rail bird. Even Sire David Attenborough himself has hailed the place as “One of the wonders of the world.”

Ko Phra Thong, Phang Nga Province – Thailand

Sip on coconuts, indulge in a beach massage and soak up the sultry Thai sun on the tranquil island of Ko Phra Thong. It’s hailed as an ‘off the beaten track’ paradise that offers holidaymakers spectacular scuba diving and snorkelling, as well as kayaking trips, wildlife tours and tasty Thai cuisine.


South Cinque Island – Andaman Archipelago

Nestled between North Cinque Island and Passage Island, this Andaman Archipelago gem shines bright! As an uninhabited landmass it offers cruise passengers a glimpse at untouched island life, as well as the chance to plunge into waters that host amazingly diverse marine life.

Ready to explore with Silversea in 2016? We’d advise booking ASAP as places on itineraries featuring the exciting new destinations are filling up fast!

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Roderick Eime, François Schwarz, Calin Chiorean, Johan Jenefeldt, Rushen

Shining the Spotlight on Silversea’s Exotic New Destinations
Article Name
Shining the Spotlight on Silversea’s Exotic New Destinations
To celebrate the new additions to 2016 Silversea itineraries we’ve put together a list of spectacular destinations that have caught our eye. Sit back, relax and start daydreaming!

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