Royal Caribbean Ship Rescues Migrants

Bit of a strange story here, Royal Caribbean‘s Allure of the Seas’ has rescued 9 Cuban migrants who were spotted adrift at sea. The ship was heading back to port in South Florida when the Cubans were spotted floating on a makeshift raft near the northern tip of Cuba.

Crew members on the Allure of the Seas rescued the 9 migrants and brought them aboard the cruise ship, ensuring they were given food, water and medical treatment before the US Coast Guard took the 8 men and 1 woman into custody.

Apparently, the captain of the ship made an accouncment to passengers telling them about the rescue and passengers have reported that the raft looked tiny floating around in the sea, and not very sturdy at all. Obviously people were gathered round to watch the rescue as it happened, and a huge cheer went around the ship when the 9 individuals were brought aboard.

Generally, when Cubans are picked up at sea, they will be returned to Cuba which is likely what will happen in this case. Most Cubans found at sea however, don’t get the chance to make part of their journey onboard a mega cruise ship!

The Allure of the Seas continued on it’s journey after the rescue and arrived at Port Everglades on Sunday after a seven-night cruise.


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