Royal Caribbean Cut Fuel Consumption


Royal Caribbean Cruises have announced that they have managed to cut their fuel consumption by around 4% by using better designed ships, different sailing practices and employing energy efficiency measues onboard, such as their new solar window film.

Last year, around 4 millions people travelled onboard one of Royal Caribbean’s ships, visiting over 400 destinations. According to the cruise line, 3.7% less fuel was used per each cruise day. Originally, Royal Caribbean had hoped to cut fuel usage by 2% so this result is extremely positive. In real terms, the cut in fuel usage equates to taking over 13,000 cars off the roads for a year.

If we look at figures from even further back, the cruise line has actually reduced fuel consumption by 7% since 2007. This is very encouraging and shows that Royal Caribbean are really taking their responsibilities seriously when it comes to energy efficiency and the environment.

Royal Caribbean Cruises hope to reduce their fuel consumption by a minimum of 2.5% every year and hope that as new technology comes into play, they can set their targets even higher in future years. The cruise line also hopes to reduce their green house gases footprint by around a third by 2015.

Some ways which Royal Caribbean have reduced energy consumption include:

  • Installing new, highly efficient fresh water systems which use around 35% of the electricity consumption of the old systems.
  • Installing LED lights and CFLs.
  • Using solar film on all windows in the ship, reducing the heat and lessoning the need for air con.

Royal Caribbean like to think of themselves as industry leaders when it comes to cutting carbon and fuel consumption. They have already won many honors in recognition of their work to help the environment, and based on todays news, they are likely to win more in the future.


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