Relax onboard Celebrity Reflection with their new AquaSpa offering


A visit to the spa has become increasingly popular in the UK with an annual spend multiplying in the last few years.  This is also reflected in the facilities made available on cruise ships – the ultimate place to take part in relaxation and revitalisation.

Celebrity have taken this to a whole new level though, with their latest update to the fleet Celebrity Reflection.  It has an onboard spa that could challenge any of the sophisticated offerings on land.

Inside the Elemis AquaSpa they have a 800 sq ft area dedicated purely to relaxation and stress reduction.  They have 15 tile beds which look like they would never be comfortable, but if you’ve never tried one – do so!  They are heated and the ergonomic shape puts your spine into the perfect position to relax your muscles.  They will be running special ‘Girlz Night’ for the chance to interact with your fellow female cruisers and ‘Couples Night’ for loves young and not so young couples.

Within the Persian Garden are various sensory options with the aromatherapy steam room, traditional sauna, and the Cold Room for those brave enough!  The floor, walls and atmosphere is icy to shock your pores into submission.  There is also a Hammam, which is a revolutionary twist on a sauna as it uses infrared to penetrate deep down into the joints rather than simply warming the skin.

Alongside massages, head and neck treatments, facials and other beauty treatments, you can have deep thermal treatments on your hair with Keratin Complex hair smoothing therapy to leave it strong and healthy looking.

Another original therapy will be the “Rhythm and Bliss” massage.  Guests can choose their own genre of music from a selection of rock, classical, country or electrical and this is then piped into personal headphones to block out any external noise distractions.  The therapist has the same music and therefore the massage will reflect the music choice with either long slow stokes or a more energetic deep massage.

For those budding alchemists amongst you, there is the chance to create your own customized scrub at the DIY Salt and Scrub Bar.  Mix the salts, herbs and sugars to create your own specific aromatherapy product to use in the shower area.  With tropical rain forest showers, fruity waterfalls and an arctic mist eucalyptus cold shower, you’ll feel energized and revitalised.

Celebrity Reflection is due to be launched on October 2012, so take a look now to see what cruises are available this winter and be one of the first to experience these fabulous facilities.


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