RCI launches “Royal Caribbean Runners”


Royal Caribbean RunnersRoyal Caribbean are really wanting to get people moving and the latest development is to offer running enthusiasts in the UK a chance to start a running group. Working with Sport England and Run England, these “Royal Caribbean Runners” groups will offer people a great chance to meet others in their local area. The groups made up of around 10 to 15 people will support each other and hold regular runs over a 9 week period. Running with others helps to keep your enthusiasm and motivation on track, and you’ll be surprised how much 9 weeks will improve your fitness. Anyone can run with a Royal Caribbean Runners Group, and those who haven’t run before will get excellent help and support from a trained leader during the runs. Royal Caribbean is also looking for experienced runners who would like to set up their own group. The idea behind the scheme is to encourage everyone to take part from those who have run for years to those who barely manage a jog for the bus!

Everyone who signs up get a Royal Caribbean Runners T-Shirt and if you stay the course of 9 weeks and keep up your training, you’ll get a superb running jacket as a reward. If you start a new group with more than 10 runners you get an ipod shuffle.

Royal Caribbean is supporting a healthier lifestyle and promoting fitness opportunities onboard their ships as well. Traditionally, the second question once people have asked ‘Did you enjoy your holiday’ is often ‘How much weight did you put on?’. But with a wide selection of activities to take part in, cruise guests may well leave the ship lighter despite all that tasty food on offer!   Try the rock climbing walls, on-board surfing on the Flowrider, fitness centres, jogging tracks and even ice skating on some of the ships! There are plenty of people on board to show you how to tackle these sports and give you advice. The good thing is that no matter what your fitness, you’ll probably meet others at the same stage as you to keep you company and take advantage of trying something you wouldn’t get chance to do at home.

“There is simply no better time to get healthy than right now. Fitness has always played a key part in my life and I’m thrilled to be sharing this passion to help get people motivated and taking their first running steps. Getting involved is easy and whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or a beginner looking to start your first run, the Royal Caribbean Runners groups are making now the time to do it.”

— Olympic champion Sally Gunnell

At the moment the Royal Caribbean Runners scheme is being rolled out in the Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and London areas and if you live in or around here you can go to www.runengland.org/royalcaribbeanrunners for more details.


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