Princess Fiona Names Allure of the Seas


In a cruise industry first, Royal Caribbeans latest cruise offering has been officially named by Princess Fiona. Who is Princess Fiona? That’s what you’re thinking, right? The only Princess Fiona you can think of is that big green ogre from shrek. Well, that is the Princess Fiona I’m talking about! The princess from the Shrek series served as the official godmother of the ship duing the naming ceremony for the Allure of the Seas.

Princess Fiona appeard in 3D on a huge screen in the Amber Theater, aboard the ship. She interacted with Royal Caribbean Chairman and CEO, Richard Fain, much to the delight of the crowds watching.

Fain explained that they chose the Princess as the ship’s godmother because not only is she a member of a royal family (someone needs to tell him that Shrek isn’t real!), but also because she is a symbol of the fun nature of the ship.

Royal Caribbean kept their godmother secret until the last minute and despite the new partnership between the cruise liner and DreamWorks, nobody had predicted that an animated movie character would be presiding over events!

No doubt everyone will be waiting for the next Disney cruise liner naming ceremony, to see if they follow suit and choose one of their own animated characters to be the ship’s godmother. Perhaps we should start taking bets on who you think it will be? Tinkerbell has got to be a firm favourite. Or perhaps the little mermaid? That would be fitting.

Allure of the seas will set out on it’s first proper cruise sailing on the 1st of December, complete with paying customers and a captain called Shrek?


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