Perfect Cruises for Animal Lovers


Cruise holidays are more commonly associated with lovers of adventure or the more refined things in life, than animal lovers. However, this preconception may be about to be completely overhauled.

Although animal lovers may initially consider staycations to stay close to their beloved pets, or safaris to visit the world’s most incredible beasts – a cruise holiday could be even better suited to their particular tastes.

Here, we have a look at five very different types of cruise holidays which may be perfectly suited to those who are fascinated by wildlife.

Pet-Friendly Holiday

If you can’t bear to leave the faithful family moggy or pooch behind when you go on your annual jollies, then looking for cruise on a pet-friendly ship should be your first port of call. Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is the only major ocean cruise ship in the world which offers kennels for the family pet. And good news for UK cruise fans – the ship regularly sails out of Southampton.

The kennel team aboard the Queen Mary 2 ensure all pets receive the same VIP treatment as the ship’s human guests. Additional kennels are being added next year – due to high demand. The pet-section of the ship also features a dog walking area – giving pet owners unlimited opportunity to spend time with their four legged friends.

Dog - prettyinprint

The Queen Mary 2 is Cunard’s flagship vessel – providing incredible elegance which is reminiscent of the golden age of cruising.

Top Deal: Southampton to Fort Lauderdale

Visit the Galapagos Islands

The Holy Grail for animal lovers looking to discover new species and explore human’s role in evolution – the Galapagos Islands are a hugely important and unique part of the world. Famous for the studies into evolution conducted by Charles Darwin upon the islands, the Galapagos are fiercely protected – ensuring only a limited number of visitors can step upon the lands at any one time.

Sea lion in the Galapagos Islands. Flickr Creative Commons: Derek Keats

Celebrity Cruises run regular trips to the island aboard the smaller Celebrity Xpedition. As one of the few cruise ships small enough to enter the islands’ waters, the Xpedition provides a unique opportunity for anyone looking to explore the islands and the stunning wildlife inhabitants: sea lions, iguanas, tortoises, lava lizards and a huge range of indigenous birds and fish.

Top Deal: Galapagos Outer Loop

Go Whale Spotting

You don’t necessarily have to brave the colder climes in order to tick off that elusive bucket list entry and go whale watching. There are whales aplenty to be spotted off the coast of The Maldives, making it even more pleasurable to sit on the top deck and watch as the gentle giants make their way through the waters.

Whale - Source Flickr@photophilde

The quiet waters surrounding The Maldives are perfect for those looking to truly reconnect with nature, and enjoy the simple majesty of the water mammals.

Top Deal: Seychelles & Maldives

South African Safari

Just because the majority of your holiday is based on the seas – this does not mean you can’t spend a few days taking in an authentic African safari. Try and spot the big five – African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and the rhinoceros – during an adrenaline-pumping tour of South Africa.

Safari Elephants - David Berkowitz

South Africa is just one of 11 countries in which each of the big five can be spotted – giving you a chance to see some of the world’s rarest and most awe-inspiring animals.

Top Deal: Southampton to Cape Town

Arctic Tour

From the Arctic fox and Arctic bear to the narwhal and the polar bear – the Arctic is full of unique animal species which intrigue and entertain in equal measure. Visiting the Arctic is the only chance many people have of seeing these animals in a non-captivity setting.

polar_bear_flickr_ Source Flickr@lwp kommunikaclo1

The unfortunate truth is that many of these animals may not survive in the wild for much longer as global warming threatens their homes. An Arctic tour could be one of the last chances you’ll have to visit the region in its current glory.

A number of cruise lines currently offer itineraries to the Arctic region – giving animal lovers the chance to explore the wildlife, and witness the beauty of the ice caps and stunning stretches of snow.

Top Deal: Norse Legends & Voyage of the Midnight Sun

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: prettyinprint, Derek Keats, photophilde, David Berkowitz, MudflapDC, lwp kommunikaclo1

Perfect Cruises for Animal Lovers
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Perfect Cruises for Animal Lovers
Cruise holidays are more commonly associated with lovers of adventure or the more refined things in life, than animal lovers. However, this preconception may be about to be completely overhauled.

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