Peniscola: Spain’s City in the Sea


The dramatic ‘City in the Sea’ nickname earned by the Peniscola accurately represents the rocky, waterside setting of the Spanish seaport. Found in the Valencian Community in eastern Spain, Peniscola is hugely popular with Spanish holidaymakers looking to enjoy sun, sea and beautiful surroundings.

The beautiful city is built upon a rocky piece of headland which only joins the Spanish mainland via a narrow strip of land. With a history which dates back to the Iberians, Peniscola is a fortified seaport, complete with a traditional lighthouse, cutting a stark figure as it juts out of the mainland.

Dominating the Peniscola skyline is the castle built by the Knights Templar between 1294 and 1307, central to the defence of the city. The castle has been home to conquerors, popes and monks throughout its rocky history.

Beach Life

Whilst the historical old town region of Peniscola is the undoubted main attraction of the region, the coastal position and lengthy stretch of beach makes it a perfect holiday location for those looking for a little rest and relaxation. Dipping into the Mediterranean, the seawaters possess a wonderful temperature during the summer months, perfect for a few lengths and a game of waist-high water polo.

peniscola is a city in spain where game of thrones was recorded

With 80% of the Peniscola tourist trade coming in the form of Spanish nationals, choosing a date which falls outside of Spain’s school and public holidays means you’ll get the beautiful beach almost to yourself.

Comedy and Culture

Every year, Peniscola plays host to a comedy film festival, which draws a large number of actors and directors from throughout Spain and overseas. Films are screened within historic venues across the city, creating unique spectacles and interpretations of the output.

Underneath the wonderful Spanish sun, watching the films of the festival with a Sangria in hand is a sensational experience.

peniscola also host a cinema festival every year

Game of Thrones

Rather unsurprisingly, the beautiful city of Pensicola has been selected as a setting for a number of scenes in the 6th series of HBO’s mega hit show, Game of Thrones. Depicting the city of Meereen, the tradition fortified walls of Peniscola play host to scenes in which Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys and co battle to retain control over the fictional city.

Previously shots of Meereen have been filmed in the fortified cities of Croatia, such as Dubrovnik and Split. The Mediterranean climate and well-preserved city walls of Peniscola, combined with its striking position perched atop the seas made the city an obvious choice for Game of Thrones – a show known for daring and dramatic backdrops.

Peniscola is just a short drive from the popular cruise port city of Valencia, and is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy striking fortified cities, beautiful beaches, relaxed atmospheres and stunning food.

If you’re interested in visiting Peniscola, or any of Spain’s wonderful coastal destinations, visit our dedicated cruises to Spain page. Alternatively, for a full range of Cruise1st deals call our friendly sales team on 0808 2746 777.

Peniscola: Spain’s City in the Sea
Article Name
Peniscola: Spain’s City in the Sea
Unsurprisingly, the beautiful city of Pensicola has been selected as a setting for a number of scenes in the 6th series of HBO’s mega hit show.
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