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With the last episode of The Cruise Ship due to air tomorrow (1 August 2014), we decided it was time to have a look back at some of our favourite characters from the documentary and the antics that kept us coming back.

Mandy & Gordon

It’s a little bit of a shame that the series took place over a full cruise season rather than just the couple of weeks when Mandy and Gordon were holidaying on board the ship. This polar opposite pair caught our attention when the effervescent Mandy started kicking off over the absence of mushrooms on the day one welcome buffet.

Time and again we saw husband Gordon stand by awkwardly as Mandy gave staff members an earful or recall past incidents with crew, captain et al. Seasoned cruisers, Mandy and Gordon on their 15th sea bound trip and there is every chance they’ll be aboard the ship should a second season be commissioned.

Staff - Heather Cowper


Enigmatic and entertaining crew members have been a feature of this series, but new girl Kelly offered an insight into the earnest lives of crew members. Away from home for the first time, the 21 year old stylist struggled to adapt to life on the ship and the last we saw of her, she was still deciding whether to stay on the ship or not. Missing from last week’s episode, we hope she hasn’t decided to jump ship and will be present for tomorrow’s final episode.

Hopefully, the influence of self-appointed crew mum Liz has done enough to convince her to stay.

Tim & Brent

Brent has been a flamboyant ever-present since the first episode, jovially flaunting the stresses of preparing food for up to 4,000 people at a time. In last week’s episode, we met his sidekick Tim. A no-nonsense, straight-talker; Tim could not be further from Brent but the pair have seemingly built up a loving, almost brotherly relationship as they continuously mock one another with affection.

Fortunately for the pair, they have a strong team underneath them so they can spend more time mucking about.


Fitness fanatic Dirk is the kind of bloke you’d be glad to have looking after your cruise ship, but maybe not so happy if he were your boss. The fastidious hotel manager is a real hands-on type who demands perfection from his staff. All smiles and ‘whistle while I work’ when the camera is focussed on him, you just know he’s strict and officious when it hits the fan.

Although he is utterly charming.

Ship - Heather Crowper

Sam & Deputy Dan

Week two focussed heavily on the dynamic between Cruise Director Sam and her deputy Dan as the latter looks to nick his boss’ job. Baying for the approval of Sam, Dan channelled all of his energy into a new game show, exclusively shot for the Royal Princess. Dan popped up in week three, shepherding passengers off the ship and hinting that some were less than pleasing on the eye. Not sure that will help your promotion chances Dan.

With one episode left, we’ll see whether tomorrow’s finale dishes up any new favourites or tarnishes the appeal of our current besties.

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Woody Hibbard, Heather Cowper


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