Norwegian Breakway tempts customers with a spectacular Ice Bar


Following past success  Norwegian Breakaway will have an ice bar on its 2013 launch, we can reveal.

Ice bars are a truly unique drinking experience. Imagine relaxing inside a room nearly entirely made of ice while you enjoy the finest cocktails available. With amazing ice sculptures decorating the room, this really is something you need to experience first hand to appreciate its novelty. So it’s good news that you now have even more chance to enjoy an ice bar with Norwegian Breaks. When the Norwegian Breakaway sets sail in early May 2013 it will feature a fantastic ice bar.

This isn’t just an ice bar, but an ice bar at sea!

Norwegian Breaks decided to include an ice bar onboard Norwegian Breakaway after seeing how successful a similar bar was on Norwegian Epic. The new ice bar will be kept at a constant 17 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure that he intricate and detailed ice sculptures remain frozen. If you visit this particular ice bar you’ll see amazing ice sculptures of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building.

The drinks at the ice bar will be equally exciting, and make sure that you sample the special NYC-themed cocktails. You’ll have to drink your beverage straight out of an ice glass and sit on ice seats. But don’t worry, you won’t be cold! All guests are provided coats and gloves to make sure that only the ice and not the guests stay at a low temperature.

If you do plan to visit the ice bar onboard Norwegian Breakaway you’ll need to make a reservation: not only will the ice bar be a popular destination on the ship, but it has a limited capacity. Only 25 guests are permitted at a time and this is only between the hours of 5:30pm and 10:30pm. There is a small fee for entry to the ice bar, but with this all guests will receive two cocktails. There are non-alcoholic options too, such as the Lady Liberty, which is made of strawberry puree, pineapple juice and lemon juice or the Coney Island, made of orange juice, vanilla ice cream and milk. Yummy!

If you like the sound of the new ice bar, think about booking a cruise on Norwegian Breakaway.

About Norwegian Breakaway:

Norwegian Breakaway has a capacity of 4000 passengers and its first seven-day cruises will set sail to Bermuda on 12 May 2013. Later in the winter, the ship will be sailing to the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida. The ship is the best designed in the Norwegian fleet, including various types of luxurious accommodation, a wide array of fantastic restaurants, a huge sports complex, the Bliss Ultra Lounge club, and alongside the ice bar, a range of other high-quality bars and lounges.

(Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line)


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